Crockett & Jones has your staycation footwear taken care of this summer

Looking to kit yourself out with the perfect staycation wardrobe? Well, when it comes to footwear look no further than Crockett & Jones...

A staycation can mean all manner of things. Will you be sunning yourself on the English Riviera (also known as Cornwall), sand sifting between your toes and rosé chilling in the ice bucket back at the house? Or perhaps you’re more of an active fellow; maybe you’ll be hopping on and off the boat at Salcombe, or scaling that mountain you’ve always wanted to climb? Possibly there’s a Scottish Highland with your name on it, or one of the UK’s great, good cities brimming over with culture?

Whichever staycation you choose, your accompanying wardrobe is of paramount importance. While it would thrive in the Highlands, we doubt you’d have much use for your Barbour in Salcombe (though we certainly can’t guarantee anything, when it comes to the British weather); you’d be better off with chinos and linen shirts aplenty. And when it comes to staycation footwear, you couldn’t do better than Crockett & Jones.

Crockett & Jones have a pair of shoes for every conceivable staycation

Crockett & Jones get it, you see. They know that a mere matter of miles can transform a staycation in every sense — from the weather, to the scenery, to the activities list — and so they’re unfailingly able to proffer a pair of shoes for every conceivable staycation occasion. It’s unsurprising, really, that they always manage to get it just right; when a brand’s been going since 1879 and has always had its roots firmly planted in good old England, you can assume that such a brand has a fairly thorough understanding of what shoes an English gentleman may require on any given occasion.

For the quintessential summer staycation, opt for unlined or unstructured

The key phrase here is ‘summer holiday’; and if you’re anything like us, when you think ‘summer holiday’ your thoughts will dart, unbidden, to the seafront. The seafront means strolling down sun-bleached piers, long days spent on the yacht under piercing blue skies, balmy evenings filled with the smoke from the barbecue — and any number of other blissful holiday scenes. And for holidays such as this, the unlined or unstructured loafer will win out every time — as Crockett & Jones knows all too well.

Take the Harvard 2, for example. Clad in dark brown suede, it’s an unlined version of the classic ‘Boston’ penny loafer and comes complete with a ‘City’ rubber sole. It’s a sharply elegant shoe, too, shaped as it is on the 376 last. If you know your lasts (and we’d hope you do), you’ll know that the 376 is an enhanced version of the 314 last — in other words, it offers a sophisticated, traditionally styled toe shape; together with a sculpted heel cup for  a thoroughly secure fit (just the thing for scrambling on and off the yacht).

And then, of course, there’s the Unstructured Collection — a trio of loafers made with summery British coastal retreats in mind, and just the thing for a beachside staycation. Ideal for warm weather in all its iterations, from balmy nights to raging heatwaves, these loafers proudly boast the Superflex leather sole (the brand’s most famous leather sole, exclusive to Crockett & Jones) and are Goodyear-welted, using flexi-welts and lightweight ribbing. In short, they’re flexible and have unprecedented levels of grip.

The Unstructured trio comprises the Salcombe, the Seaton and the Solent. We’re partial to all of them (actually, that’s an understatement) — but if forced to choose just one for our staycation footwear of the summer, we’d have to opt for the Solent. Clad in the very finest snuff suede, it’s an unlined tassel loafer — the tassels, in particular, give it that extra level of holiday verve. Its lightness and flexibility knows no bounds, and it would look effortlessly elegant with a plain white t-shirt and a pair of lightweight summer trousers.

If your staycation is more outward bound, look no further than the Sandhurst

If you’re an active, outdoorsy sort of gentleman, we salute you. There’s nothing better than being up with the larks and heading off on a day’s expedition over hill and dale, with nothing more than a packed lunch and a trusty pair of sunglasses to sustain you. (Of course, if you’re hiking in the height of summer we’d also recommend some high factor suncream and plenty of water. Oh, and a hat. Don’t forget the hat.)

If your staycation will be taking this sort of active form, full of walks and outdoor activities, Crockett & Jones have got you covered: you couldn’t do better than the Sandhurst. Crafted from the very finest dark brown scotch grain, this is a military inspired, cap toe derby. Presumably, then, we don’t need to tell you that this is a shoe for serious walking.

It’s got an oversized cleated rubber sole, you see — together with a storm welt for additional waterproof protection. This is the shoe to see you through many a day spent tramping over the hills — there’s no need to fear sudden British rain showers or oversized puddles, because the Sandhurst has you covered for every stormy eventuality. And, since you’re heading off to the countryside, why not throw in a Country Calf Belt for good measure?

For the staycation of the utmost sophistication, we’d suggest the Richmond 2

If you’re looking to prioritise style and sophistication this summer, you’re a gentleman after our own heart. We’d imagine you’ve got a wardrobe brimming over with cream chinos, Italian blazers and linen shirts — and if that’s the case, the Richmond 2 is only ever going to be a stellar addition to your effortlessly elegant wardrobe.

It’s perfect for a summer staycation, taking the suede-clad form of a classic penny loafer with a raised seam apron. They’re actually the unlined version of the Grantham 2, which we assume you’re heartily familiar with; and you can rest assured that the Richmond 2 has all the aesthetic suavity of the Grantham, whilst simultaneously boasting the comfort, security and freedom of the Superflex leather sole.

The Richmond 2 comes in four stylish iterations: but if you’re summer staycation-bound, we’re ready to sing the praises of the two-tone Ocean & Mid-Blue, or the similarly two-toned Snuff & Camel Suede, both online exclusives. The former encapsulates everything we love about the great British summer, with its deep blue hues irresistibly reminiscent of sparkling Salcombe seas, or rippling, sun-dappled swimming pools; and the latter is the more subtle — but unequivocally stylish — option, sure to look supremely suave when paired with the right pair of rolled-up chinos.

Crockett & Jones has your staycation footwear taken care of this summer

Richmond 2: Ocean & Mid-Blue Suede


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Crockett & Jones has your staycation footwear taken care of this summer

Richmond 2: Snuff & Camel Suede


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