Introducing Crockett & Jones’ e-commerce site (and some splendid new loafers)

A library of in-depth guides, online customer support and step-by-step home-measuring instructions make up the shoemaker’s new platform

Crockett & Jones has always put its best foot forward. Ever since the brand’s well-heeled founding in 1879, the loyal, skilled craftsmen of the Northampton-based shoemaker have encapsulated the best of British design; clicking, stretching and stitching shoes for an exceedingly discerning customer base. It’s a seriously stylish, illustrious past.

Today, however, the brand is looking to the future. Treading new footwear ground, the shoemaker has launched a new e-commerce site, establishing Crockett & Jones as a true leader in the modern luxury retail sector.

Run and managed by a small team of expertly trained staff, this new platform is as meticulously designed as a pair of the brand’s reliable, dependable shoes. Catering to customers’ every conceivable need, buyers begin their shopping experience by perusing a library of in-depth guides. From ‘Lasts’ and ‘Soles’ to ‘Materials’ and ‘Styles’, these handy overviews offer buyers the chance to learn about the shoemaking process, and pre-filter and personalise their searches as a result.

And, when customers have finally chosen which pair of shoes they want to lace up next, the site also guarantees a swift, hassle-free purchase process — beginning with the site’s bespoke fitting guide. A masterstroke from the master shoemakers, Crockett & Jones can now direct shoppers through a step-by-step process of measuring their own feet from the comfort of their own home.

“All business must move forward and develop,” says James Fox, Head of Marketing at Crockett & Jones. “But, by the most part, Crockett & Jones have stuck by a rare strategy that in today’s world many seem unable to do: We have continued to specialise and focus on what we do well and remained committed to a production process that has been largely unchanged for over one-hundred years.”

“This has given our customers confidence to remain committed to our products,” Fox continues. “But are we stuck in the past? Not at all. Embracing e-commerce is much the same as embracing bricks-and-mortar retail. It gives us a direct line to our customers which in turn puts us at the sharp end of a product lead business.”

It’s the best of both worlds; a simple site to use if you’re in a hurry — but also a platform that offers an indulgent immersion into Crockett & Jones’ signature craftsmanship and unrivalled heritage. The shoemaker’s latest collection will, of course, take pride of place on the site, with the SS21 range showcasing innovations as forward-thinking as the new platform itself.

Most notably, the Superflex sole offers a polite nod to tradition whilst striding firmly into the future — crafted from leather, practical yet comfortable, and the most flexible sole the brand has ever made. Below, we’ve rounded up three of our favourite spring loafer styles from Crockett & Jones’ new collection — all of which will be available to purchase on the brand new, groundbreaking e-commerce site this April.

The Salcombe makes its slick debut on Crockett & Jones e-commerce site

The first of three effortlessly elegant loafers to make their slick debut on Crockett & Jones’ new e-commerce site is the Salcombe. As is traditional for the brand, the style takes its name from a British town — and what a fitting choice for this boat-ready, seaside-suitable design.

Offering versatility in spades, the Salcombe may appear simplistically stylish — but it’s a force of cobbling nature. That Superflex sole gives the shoe all the grip you could ever need, be that for a stroll on the sand, a clamber over coastal rocks or even a day on-deck. And, with the new site exhibiting each unique element of its design in detail, you’ll appreciate its construction every super-flexible step of the way.

The suave new Seaton loafers are the perfect fit for spring

Cut from dark oak suede, the Seaton is a loafer confident in its own luxury and sophistication. That rich, debonair upper makes it perfect for the transition between casual daywear and formal eveningwear — and it will step through every season of the year with verve and versatility.

And, thanks to Crockett & Jones’ new e-commerce site, you’ll be able to explore every soft, brushed inch of this style before you add it to your basket next month. That includes, once again, the Superflex sole; durable, hardwearing and reliable until the last warm evening of summer. Because, despite being more than capable of battling the elements and treading a range of terrains, the Seaton will never look slicker than when paired with white chinos and a juicy Aperol Spritz.

The Solent style is your perfect first purchase from Crockett & Jones

There’s just something about tassels, isn’t there? These finely-frilled adornments have the power to transform a loafer instantly — and to lend an individual, sparkling sharpness to any outfit. But they’re also fun, offering an air of carefree casualwear to your shoes. The Solent style from Crockett & Jones is crafted from snuff suede and ideal for summer.

And, to take the hassle out of your tassel loafer purchase, the shoemaker’s new e-commerce site will tell you everything about the new style before you buy it in a few weeks’ time. Each product page has been enriched with a comprehensive level of information, so you can explore each design — digesting everything about the Solent from the look of its last to the tip of its tassels.

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