Crockett & Jones is taking Instagram by storm with its #madetobeworn campaign

Crockett & Jones have long been forward thinkers; and now, its #madetobeworn campaign is giving you the chance to be a part of the brand...

Isn’t social media a wonderful thing? The sheer amount of connections that have been forged across those Instagram-filtered airwaves frankly boggles the mind. Celebrities have lost their hallowed mystique — #nomakeup selfies and the private homes of the world’s elite are available to view at just the click of a button — and those little squares are stuffed with more tailored suits and dream motors than we can bear to scroll past.

And social media can also bring us closer to the brands we love. We were waiting with bated breath when Tudor counted down the hours on Instagram until the big reveal of its new Black Bay collection. We watched Land Rover’s new Defender barrel into being across the digital sphere. And, when Crockett & Jones asked us to join the conversation, we jumped in feet first.

And how did the heritage British shoemaker capture the Instagram generation’s imagination? Through a campaign that goes by the name (or, rather, the hashtag) #madetobeworn.

The campaign takes the form of a gallery on the Crockett & Jones website, dedicated to photos of their shoes taken by their loyal customers (see the full gallery here). The idea is that happy customers snap a shot of their shoes and upload it to Instagram, with the hashtags #crockettandjones or #madetobeworn. Equally, there’s the option to upload the photos direct to the site.

The role of the customer as the ‘passive observer’ — left waiting for exclusive new images and nothing more immersive — is fast fading. There’s a new role on the horizon: that of the collaborator. And this coveted position is being offered to loyal customers of Crockett & Jones with an addition to their original innovative campaign: an addition with a brand new hashtag, #wornbyyou. Take a shot of your shoes,  tag @crockettandjones_official, and add the hashtags #crockettandjones and #wornbyyou. Before you know it, your photo will be on the brand’s official website — and you’ll be a bona fide brand ambassador.

"Before you know it, you’ll be a bona fide brand ambassador..."

The new #wornbyyou branch of the campaign is as seasonal as it is social media savvy; kicking things off with a rakish run of loafers content. Loafers are the indubitable slip-ons of the moment, and continue to reign supreme as the most casual Goodyear welted shoes around. In short, they’re just the thing for those weekend trips to Salcombe, or blissful afternoons spent hopping on and off the boat.

Crockett & Jones’ collection is now larger than ever, with options of lined and unlined, rubber sole or leather sole, and a sprawling variation of other models. If you’ve already snapped up your stellar pair of Crockett & Jones loafers (if you haven’t, we really don’t know what you’re waiting for), now’s your chance to become a part of a brand you’ve long admired.

Here are are few of the shoes currently taking Instagram by storm…

The Cavendish loafers are tasselled wonders

Perhaps you’ve got a penchant for the Cavendish? You wouldn’t be alone there; it’s one of the most popular shoes currently being tagged by Crockett & Jones’ innumerable loafer-loving customers. We think it’s the tassels; who doesn’t love a tassel? Or maybe it’s simply the inherent air of relaxed, effortless chic that the Cavendish exudes with every step — whether it’s a casual summer suede, or a more cold-weather friendly Dark Brown Pebble Grain (set on a ‘City’ rubber sole), it’s a shoe with style.

If you’ve got a pair of these tassel-clad loafers sitting in pride of place on your shoe rack, what are you waiting for? Whip them off the rack, and into the limelight.

The Sydney is a suave summer essential

Or perhaps you’re more of a Sydney fellow? The Sydney is another loafer firmly ensconced in Crockett & Jones folklore — and its loyal Instagram users would seem to concur. It’s a frequent star of the show on the #madetobeworn page, with customers snapping shots of their Sydneys left, right and centre. And it’s not surprising, really — decked out in a rich brown suede, the Sydney is the prime option for a summery smart casual ensemble.

If you’re out and about and raking in the compliments on your dapper choice of loafer: why not share the moment on Instagram? Upload a picture of these suavely sophisticated loafers and join the motley Crockett & Jones online crew.

The Henley is a classic reinvented for the modern man

Or, maybe, the Henley is the one for you. This is another loafer taking the Instagram world by storm; and it’s not hard to see why. A classic penny loafer will always be a firm favourite — particularly with Crockett & Jones customers with a fondness for the traditional — and the Henley is up there with the very best of them. It’s prepared for anything the English summer may throw at us, with an oversized lightweight rubber sole and a storm welt for added waterproof protection — no need to worry about unwelcome rainstorms here.

If you’re already raking in the benefits of this sleekly stylish loafer, and have been wishing you had a suitable outlet for your appreciation: it’s your lucky day. Get the Henley in front of your phone camera, upload your favourite snapshot to your Instagram page with #wornbyyou in the caption, and become a part of the #madetobeworn campaign. You’ll be the envy of all your followers, and you’ll have given something back to one of the most renowned shoe brands around. A lucky day, indeed.

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