10 reasons why confident men are more attractive

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1. You can handle any situation

Think about it, no matter what the world throws at you, knowing how to handle such scenarios at the spur of the moment requires confidence. No woman admires an awkward, mumbly man who curls up into a ball when things go pear-shaped – it’s nothing if not a huge turn-off. Showing that you can conquer a problem with quick thinking also suggests your intelligence and ability to resolve, like a gentleman.

2. You're a positive thinker

We don’t need to remind you of how many psychologists confirm that confident people are overall positive people. One of the best ways to show your confidence is of course with a smile – but don’t go smiling everywhere you go, women just find that creepy. And since our daily lives continuously throw us negative qualms, showing positivity and optimism even during the darkest of moments is certainly an attractive quality. Remember, there are a lot more positive than negative things in life to be reminded of.

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3. You demonstrate strong team leadership

Similar to the above, having the ability to orchestrate a team with different personalities and ideas takes great confidence – and it’s probably one of the oldest traits that people have mastered to succeed. If you’re stuck in-between a bickering team meeting, have the confidence to create some order that everyone will want to follow. Of course, no one likes a dictator, so having the charm and charisma to be a leader comes as a part of the confidence package.

4. You build trust and friendships

People have a nose for suspicious individuals who generally don’t stand their ground or have no opinion. Which is why confident people on the other hand tend to have close friends, and the even luckier ones have many of them. Why? Because confident people share many qualities of extroverts as they tend to interact more with other people, share more jokes, plan social events and are generally more fun and interesting to be with.

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5. You’re comfortable in your own skin

We’re not suggesting you go overboard and become Mr Vain, but confidence, as anyone will agree on, means you are comfortable in your own skin. Confident men will always stand upright with their chest out, and carry themselves in a way that suggests they are comfortable with their surroundings, asserting their confidence by making plenty of eye contact and a welcoming body language. Doing so goes a long way, whether it’s at an interview setting, a first encounter or meeting her father.

6. You're the best sign of defence

For decades, winners showed signs of confidence and bravery. The late Sir Winston Churchill for instance exuded an interesting example of confidence – his way with words and strong diction helped transcend his own confidence in winning the war to the British people. Because we don’t proclaim violence as a form of defence, having the authority and confidence in your own voice is a gateway signal to a good defender. Women have always found this particularly attractive too, as the natural instinct is to be with someone who can protect the family.

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7. You're sexually more attractive

There’s no denying that confident men is something that women really want. When Gentleman’s Journal asked 10 women what they wanted in a man, it was evident on more than one occasion that confidence was seen as a sexually attractive trait. And they also said, “there’s no point being Mr Ego in the pub if you’re going to become all shy and self conscious behind closed doors“.

8. You'll get job offers and promotions

Your boss hired you because you showed some sign of confidence, but if you become too complacent, your boss will hate you, and the guy next to you who stuck with his confidence will snap up the promotion you were too busy dreaming of. So stop twiddling your thumbs, waiting for your boss to give you a gold sticker and start manifesting reasons why you should get that promotion. Hiding away in the office doing good, isn’t good enough.

10 reasons why confident men are more attractive

9. Or, you'll simply start your own company

Some of the world’s richest and most famous business owners really did start from nothing. But what did they do that many others didn’t? They had the confidence abandon the life of working for someone else – optimists, who showed signs of leadership, building trust with peers and investors, and above all they had the guts and confidence to say “I will start my own business“.

10. You strike the balance between confidence and arrogance

There’s a very fine line between confidence and arrogance, and understandably it may be hard to know when you’ve swayed either way. Confident men are more observant than arrogant men (who tend to walk over others, thinking they have the charm and charisma when in fact they’re just making a downright fool of themselves). However, confidence sits with elegance – you stand up for your views, but you never impose them. No gentleman imposes their views, ever.

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