5 grooming tips to help you start spring off right

From hair to skin, here’s how to refresh your routine right now

Spring is on our doorstep, and so we can soon say a much-needed farewell to the dark depths of winter. And with the changing of the seasons comes some alterations to your habits and routines; first, you’ll probably start swapping those hearty and heavy meals for more lightweight morsels and ingredients; a change of clothing will also occur – after all, that heavy-duty parka won’t feel so good when sardined alongside fellow commuters; finally, with good weather and more sun, you’ll probably start having a more forward thinking outlook on life. But what about your grooming? That same routine you used to protect yourself from Blighty’s blistering cold isn’t going to cut it anymore, and so a change-up is definitely needed.

To steer you in the right direction, here are the best products that’ll help you start spring off in the best possible way:

Invest in a new fragrance

Like fine-dining fare or cocktail orders, your grooming should change with the seasons, and with spring signalling the start of growth and renewed vitality on the terrain, your fragrance (or palette of fragrances, depending on how many bottles you alternate between) should likewise be more refreshing and reinvigorating. So, retire those woody and smokey scents to the depths of your cabinet and pick up something a bit lighter instead.

There’s little doubt that Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino is the ultimate spring/summer scent. Rich in bergamot, neroli and lemon, it’s a citrus-heavy product that exudes vibrancy and will take you to the cool breeze of the Italian Riviera without all that unnecessary time wasted in the airport. Moreover, the turquoise bottle is worth buying alone. We’d also suggest the lemon- and sandalwood-heavy Gypsy Water by Byredo and Diptyque’s floral-centric Do Son.


Winter is harsh, so it’s probably done some damage to your complexion; bits of flaky skin here, a dry patch there. To give your body a clean slate, scrub away the debris and get polished up with an exfoliator.

With its purifying botanical oils that slough away tired cells, the geranium leaf body scrub should be your go-to in the coming months; moreover, Acqua Di Parma’s Collezione Barbiere facial scrub contains micro grains of pumice stone to unclog the pores; and to make sure you do an even more efficient job of things, this deep cleansing brush, with its sonic technology, will exfoliate your face in a way your hands can’t.

5 grooming tips to help you start spring off right

Geranium leaf body scrub


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Lighten up your moisturiser

The past few months have been quite testing for you, so it makes sense that you’ve been using a thick and rich lotion to keep your skin feeling hydrated in the freeze. However, now that the mercury is starting to rise, that moisturiser is going to feel heavy and viscous – to avoid that experience, bring in something much lighter.

The hypoallergenic nourishing moisturiser is made for those with sensitive skin, so it’s ideal when the sun starts to irritate you, while grooming giant Clinique has created a versatile Maximum Hydrator that can be used by those with either normal to dry skin – better still, it’ll also double up as a shaving balm.

5 grooming tips to help you start spring off right

Hypoallergenic nourishing moisturiser


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Chop the winter locks

Not only has winter been bad to your skin, but it’s harmed your hair as well, so it’s time to get the locks chopped and tidy up the excess – not only will you be lopping off burnt end and dried out strands, but having a shorter style will be easier to wear when things get a bit hotter.

If you need some encouragement in this area, why not opt for a traditional short back and sides? Masculine, easy to style in and out of the office and requiring minimal mainteinance, it’s the most straightforward way to change things up. If you want something else, but don’t want to push the boat out, check out the seven most timeless hairstyles here.

5 grooming tips to help you start spring off right

Moisturising shampoo


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Protect yourself

At Gentleman’s Journal, we all love a nice hit of sunshine – however, we’re also aware of the power it possesses, and with the spring comes fewer grey clouds and more rays poking through. So, there’s no excuse not to protect yourself, as doing otherwise will leave you with burns, fatigued flesh and potential long-term health scares. To prevent this from happening, apply any of the below products on a daily basis.

5 grooming tips to help you start spring off right

Defence lotion broad spectrum SPF 15


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5 grooming tips to help you start spring off right

Super Soin Solaire protector


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