Why Dr Sebagh is the go-to label to revive your grooming game

Let this ‘Ageing-Maintenance’ master take care of all your skincare needs this season

Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh can lay claim to over three decades of expertise in the field of cosmetics; you think of a name in the well-heeled party set and he’s most likely worked on them. Once the doctor has seen you, you’ve joined an elite club.

Those in the grooming and beauty circles consider Sebagh the lodestar of that particular industry, the ‘Ageing-Maintenance’ master who’s built a reputation on generating smoother skin by eschewing surgery in favour of what he calls ‘cosmetic medical procedures’, which is to say technologies that draw upon hyaluronic acid fillers, vitamin injections and expertly placed thread lifts, the gentler, more approachable alternatives to going under the knife.

“The last 30 years have seen amazing advances,” Sebagh says. “But, now that we have an amazing box with different ‘tools’, it is essential to be a good ‘artisan'”.

With clinics in London and Paris, Dr Sebagh has a strong standing on either side of the Channel, and his outpost on Rue de Longchamp, in particular, is a handy location for European clientele.

For those unable to access treatments first hand, however, there is the Dr Sebagh Advanced Ageing-Maintenance Skin Care line, an extensive 34-item range of creams and masks and super serums that draw upon biotech ingredients, from hazelnut ogliopeptides to sesame protein complex, all of which have been informed by Sebagh’s 30 years of know-how and the collaborative efforts of his team of international chemists.

The Serum Repair, notably, is a suitable product for those who have been punching out of the office a bit too late over the past few months, as it said to deeply hydrate and repair complexions and minimise fine lines, thanks to a blend that includes hyaluronic acid – a sugar molecule that keeps the skin plump – and a patented Micro Molecular Collagen Peptide.

If looking for further glow and polish for the brighter months ahead, there’s the Deep Exfoliating Mask, comprising of both azelaic acid, which unclogs pores, and lactic acid, which increases cell turnover; or perhaps to keep your skin protected with minimal effort, we suggest you consider the all-rounder High Maintenance Cream, suitable for all skin types and built around Biosaccharide Gum-4, a special filter that’s derived from corn protects against the elements and pollution.

Moreover, to suit your travels or on-the-go schedule, we’ve teamed up with Dr Sebagh to create a tightly edited kit of grooming essentials that not only features the Serum Repair and the High Maintenance Cream, but also a purifying, gentle Foaming Cleanser and a roll-on Supreme Eye Serum that can be used at either end of the day.

Complete with the label’s signature pouch, it makes for a practical kit to slip in your gym bag, your long-weekend carry-on, or your desk draw, just in case those hard working evenings continue for just a little longer.

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