How Heath combines skincare and wellbeing into its grooming goods

Since the get-go, the brand’s range of concoctions not only aims to improve complexions, but to also add a sense of calm into your every day

At Gentleman’s Journal, we’re fully aware of the negative impacts that a relentless torrent of work deadlines and being constantly plugged in can have on one’s wellbeing. With this in mind, we frequently like to advocate that one should often tune out the noise, slow things down and relax, whether that’s with a great read, some well-built headphones, a brief trip away for a reset, or, simply, with a solid skincare routine.

Of course, there are the obvious upsides that come with the latter, namely providing your skin with protective, nourishing benefits, whether that’s to scrub off a long day in the city or to offer a barrier against harmful protectors. But, with wellbeing in mind, one brand we’ve been especially drawn to is Heath, a hardworking men’s grooming label whose products don’t just focus on cleansing, hydrating and improving complexions, but also incorporate a sense of calm, stress-relief and, ultimately, a mood-boost into one’s every day.

This ethos of re-shaping skincare into an integral part of a man’s wellbeing has been the hallmark of Heath’s spirit since its 2017 launch, and the brand’s range of concoctions – from an Oil Control Moisturiser that mattifies, to an Eye Serum that minimises dark circles – has been defined by its pared-down, artisanal packaging filled with formulas that are equally low-fuss, drawing upon natural and active ingredients that are sourced from around the world and brought together in England. In a fast-paced, ever-shifting world, it is this stripped-back approach that has helped add moments of calm into the team’s daily routines.

To further bolster its protective-and-repair-focused offerings, Heath has launched a duo of easy-use serums. The Protect Serum, first of all, has been produced to target a trio of areas: harmful aggressors are blocked out, courtesy of Pollustop®, a patented ingredient that spreads a breathable film onto the skin; the use of preBIULIN FOS, a prebiotic, is used to rebalance the ecosystem on your skin, known as the microbiome; and Biowave BCR helps with moisturisation, and, ultimately, a healthier look.

Then, there’s the Repair Serum, which, as the label suggests, is a restoring, reviving product, best used for a final moment of calm before bed. Here, melatonin, a natural compound, is used to repel oxidative stress; niacinamide encourages the production of ceramides, the lipid that maintains a healthy skin barrier; boosted hydration is taken care of thanks to Gin Toniq®, an ingredient that Heath calls an ‘upcycled botanical active’; and Sytenol® A repels the pollutants you may have come across throughout the day.

For best results, the Protect Serum should be used in the morning, meanwhile the Repair Serum should be used just before hitting the pillow. We’d also recommend using Heath’s Face Wash before applying either, squeezing a pipetteful of the product on to the hands (inhale the Repair Serum to increase your relaxation) and working gently on to the face and neck, before finishing with the Moisturiser.

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