Which men’s Creed fragrance is the best for you?

The male fragrances at Creed are legendary. But with a multitude of fragrances to suit all personalities, it can be hard to choose...

When it comes to men’s fragrances, Creed is among the boldest, brightest and best. When you spritz on a scent created by Creed, words like ‘fresh’ and ‘nice’ don’t spring to mind. Instead, these inimitable blends and aromas conjure up evocative emotions and feelings that can’t even be put into words. Because this is a brand that excels, nurtures and tantalises in equal, heady measure — and any modern man who wears Creed is sure to make a statement.

But such standing can put pressure on which fragrance you choose. Which men’s Creed fragrance, you may be asking, is the right one for you? Happily, however, Gentleman’s Journal is on hand to help. We’ve tried and tested a select few of Creed’s fragrances, and outlined a guide to help you decide which scent will work best for your lifestyle…

The best men's Creed fragrance for a 'back to work' scent: Aventus

We know what you’re thinking: we’ve all been back at work for several weeks by now. Last month, we packed away the swim shorts and packed up the briefcases: and we’ve been trudging through those corporate doors ever since. But if you’re finding the transition from Zoom to hot-desking a little trickier than you anticipated, Creed’s Aventus men’s fragrance should be just the thing.

This fragrance speaks of strength and success: it’s power neatly bottled into one sleek, attractive package. This isn’t strength to wield inappropriately or recklessly, mind; instead, it’s a fragrant powerhouse to bring to the workplace if you’re feeling out of your depth in this shaky new post-pandemic norm. The fruity head notes include apple, blackcurrant and pink pepper, while the heart includes jasmine and pineapple — rounded off with a base of oakmoss and ambergris (Creed’s signature ingredient). With Aventus by your side, you can expect to stride through those meeting doors with all the confidence of a man who knows what he’s doing, and what he’s about.

Creed Aventus


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The best men's Creed fragrance for a 'seasonal' scent: Viking

If there’s anything a modern man should be unfailingly aware of: it’s that he bears seasonality in mind in all his style and grooming choices. As the leaves fall and the days darken, it’s no longer appropriate to be sporting a fragrance rife with notes of piercing blue summer days: so it’s time to switch things up, and embrace autumn fragrances for all they’re worth.

Luckily, Creed’s Viking Eau de Parfum hits the nail on the autumnal head; it may as well be titled ‘autumn in a bottle’. You’ll already be more than familiar with the fragrance as a masculine masterpiece, of course; but what you may not be as familiar with is its links with our current season. Sharp citrus notes of Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian lemon give way to woody base notes of Indian Sandalwood and Haitian vetiver. The result is an earthy fragrance rife with character and autumnal references: just the scent to don as the clocks go back.

Creed Viking Eau de Parfum


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The best men's Creed fragrance for a 'timeless' scent: Royal Mayfair

You’ll know all about Creed’s rich British heritage, of course. The luxury brand has English tailoring roots extending back to 1760; and the Royal Mayfair scent is one particular men’s fragrance that does ample due diligence to the brand’s classic London heritage. And if you’re a gentleman with an eye for tradition — in other words, with a partiality to timeless classicism — this is the fragrance for you.

If this scent has bottled up one thing, it would be British heritage. The sharp opening notes of juniper berries and lime bring to mind a sophisticated gin and tonic; while Scottish Highland pine gives a uniquely refreshing overtone. We’re sure you saw this one coming, but the fragrance’s heart is one of opulent rose: while mentholated eucalyptus and tangy orange close off this wholeheartedly traditional, British men’s fragrance.

Creed Royal Mayfair


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The best men's Creed fragrance for a first date: Original Santal

There’s no two ways about it: first dates are a time to impress. You can’t show up sporting a cheap aftershave or a questionable fragrance: remember, gents, your scent is what conveys your character to the world. So if you’re looking to make a good impression on that long-awaited first date with the object of your affection: look no further than Creed’s Original Santal.

This is the scent of seduction, sensuality and complexity. Much like Aventus, this isn’t a scent to be wielded with any sort of abandon. Instead, it’ll be perfectly in keeping with the romantic atmosphere we’ve no doubt you’re hoping to create. It’s inspired by India, and all the inherent opulence and majesty that India — and its evocative scents — conveys. With woody notes of Mysore sandalwood, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and benzoin, the fragrance evokes an instant warm luxury and serves as the perfect evening fragrance: for a night that we very much hope will lead to the happy relationship — or engagement — you’ve been hoping for.

Creed Original Santal


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The best men's Creed fragrance for an 'elegant' scent: Royal Oud

If you’re a modern man seeking out elegance in every aspect of his grooming routine, we salute and applaud you. Elegance should be a non-negotiable for any man of style; and if you prioritise elegance in such a way, we’d like to point you in the direction of Creed’s Royal Oud.

If it’s got ‘royal’ in the name, you can bet this is a men’s fragrance that ekes out infinite elegance, sophistication and refinement with every spritz; and true to form, this particular men’s fragrance doesn’t disappoint. It’s assured, refined and sophisticated to the very last drop: with notes of sandalwood, tonkin musk and — of course — oud all combining to form the base, while top notes of pink pepper, lemon and bergamot offer refreshing, revitalising top notes to complete this endlessly sophisticated fragrance.

Creed Royal Oud


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The best men's Creed fragrance for a night out: Millésime Impérial

If you’re still experiencing the wild, unbridled novelty that is a night out, in the wake of lockdown after lockdown: we wholeheartedly understand. We’d never advocate a gentleman recklessly abandoning all control, of course — but there is something infinitely alluring about a night of dinner, drinks, (more drinks) and dancing that’s seen many of us turning to the dance floor in recent months.

And, whether you’re off to a jazz club, a rooftop bar or a country house party, Creed’s Millésime Impérial is the men’s fragrance to accompany you, as you let loose and have some much-deserved fun. Firstly, there’s the look of the thing: that eye-catching gold bottle would look even better on the dance floor than the best-dressed gentlemen around. While we wouldn’t advocate taking the actual bottle to the party, of course, we would advocate spritzing away before you leave. The tangy citrus scent of bergamot and fruity blackcurrant combine with a fresh blend of iris and marine accord, together with a woody base of cedar wood and musk, to create a scent perfect for whiling your troubles away during a decadent night of frivolity.

Creed Millésime Impérial


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The best men's Creed fragrance for an 'adventurous' scent: Himalaya

If you’re an active sort of gentleman, you’ll no doubt have a somewhat adventurous side. Whether your activity is strictly reserved to Park Run (and a very worthy activity that is, too) or extends to ultramarathons, mountain climbing or sailing across the Atlantic: an active lifestyle leaves room for adventure in multiple, myriad forms.

Enter: Creed’s Himalaya Eau de Parfum. As the name should indicate, this men’s fragrance was inspired by the rugged outcrops of the Himalayan mountains. Its citrus top notes include grapefruit and mandarin, while warm notes of sandalwood and nutmeg bring a warmth to the heady mix. So far, so Creed: but one scent you may not be expecting is the subtle notes of gunpowder, bringing the adventurous, daring edge to this undeniably masculine scent.

Creed Himalaya Eau de Parfum


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The best men's Creed fragrance for a 'natural' scent: Bois Du Portugal

We live in an era of sustainability; of minimalism; and of a global attempt to bring about a much-needed connection to the planet and the natural world. Consequently, lusting after an overtly ‘natural’ men’s fragrance would mean you’re right on brand with the current ‘natural’ way of thinking. And if a natural, earth-centred fragrance is the fragrance for you: look no further than Creed’s Bois Du Portugal.

For starters, the name actually means ‘woods’ in French. So far, so natural. The scent, meanwhile, effortlessly conjures up the forests of the Iberian Peninsula and the Portuguese Highlands, giving the fragrance an ineffable connection to the natural world. With opening notes of lavender and bergamot gently giving way to evocative spicy notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and vetiver, the fragrance closes off with a flourish of ambergris: putting the final cap on this natural, earthy bottle.

Creed Bois Du Portugal


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