Take a tour around this minimalist Hamptons retreat…

Have you always wanted a house in the Hamptons? Well, 2021 could be your year; especially if you're looking to be right on the beach...

There are certain things one thinks of, when it comes to the Hamptons. Acres of pure white sand, dotted with sun loungers aplenty; endless swathes of deep blue sea, in which surfers and swimmers compete to their heart’s delight; crackling log fires in autumn (or, rather, fall). We think of exclusive beach barbecues; we reflect on a golden era of ‘doing the season’ in Southampton; we muse on the iridescent beauty of the East Coast. In short, we think of any number of things — what we don’t generally think of is minimalism.

And that’s why this property — going by the name of the Burnetts Cove House and managed by Compass — is such an original, unique Hamptons retreat. It’s not remotely what most people would expect from a Hamptons dwelling: but rest assured that it offers every inch of the typical comfort, style and luxury that you’d certainly look to the Hamptons to supply.

Credit: Vistabee

Nestled right on the waterfront at Mecox Bay, this modern, minimalist property couldn’t inch closer to the ocean if it tried. In fact, its proximity to clear, dappled waters seems to know no bounds. There’s the ocean, for one thing — with that endless expanse of private dock, you’d likely spend more time diving into those azure waters than you would in the actual house — and with a 16 by 32 foot heated Gunite pool, it’ll be impossible to drag yourself away.

Difficult, but not impossible. As delightful as both the pool and ocean are, the house itself offers myriad equivalent delights. There’s the exterior, for one thing (a Hamptons talking point if ever there was one). Designed by architect Fred Stelle, it’s covered in alternating wood panels; with floor to ceiling glass windows cladding the rear. Just imagine the views…

The majority of the living spaces can be found on the main floor; namely, a great room, and a jaw-droppingly spacious kitchen, living and dining area (complete with panoramic views of the bay. If you manage not to spam your Instagram feed with video after video of the sun setting over that idyllic Hamptons landscape, you’re a stronger man than most).

Courtesy of Fred Stelle

The four bedrooms can be found on the upper floor, while a gym nestles snugly on the lower level. And if you’re still working from home (or, worse, working whilst on your Hamptons holiday), you can take up residence in an office that overlooks the water. Good luck getting any work done…

Without a doubt, this house is a spectacular paragon of contemporary minimalism. It’s not a traditional Hamptons property, but we’ve always been advocates of change — especially when change comes in such a stylish, elegant, architecturally excellent package. If chic, sophisticated minimalism is your wheelhouse (or even if it isn’t), then this could be the year you finally invest in a house in the Hamptons.

Take a tour around this minimalist Hamptons retreat…

5 Burnetts Cove Road

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