These are the best cartridge razors for men

Always looking to perfect that sleek, sharp close shave? Look no further; these cartridge razors should do the job.

The ongoing debate between cartridge razors and safety razors is one that continues to polarise modern men. And, while we certainly concur that both have myriad benefits: we’d err on the side of the cartridge razor every time. Because at Gentleman’s Journal, we’ll unfailingly do our utmost to ensure a gentleman’s grooming routine is as sharp, slick and sleek as a decent razor allows.

Because when you factor in the sheer pace of modern life, a cartridge razor will win out, every time. A safety razor may be just the thing for a man looking to take a slow, considered approach to his morning routine; but for men with myriad demands on their time, multiple people to see, an inbox close to breaking point and a social diary bursting at the seams: a cartridge razor will allow for a neatly suave shave whilst leaving you free to crack on with your busy day. So without further ado, here are the best cartridge razors for the modern man…

Gillette ProGlide Razor

You can always trust Gillette; and with five anti-friction blades and FlexBall technology, this ProGlide razor will have earned your trust before even making it out of the packaging. It responds effortlessly to your natural facial contours — and if you’ve ever wanted to go for a perilously close shave, now would be the time.

Those five blades are spaced together with microscopic closeness, allowing for a smoothly comfortable shave; and it’s even got a precision trimmer on the back, for that meticulously thorough grooming routine we’d always advocate for, thanks to its ability to access areas of the face that are otherwise hard to reach. With Microfins that gently stretch the skin — ensuring no hair is left unshaven — this is the cartridge razor your bathroom has been crying out for.

These are the best cartridge razors for men

Gillette ProGlide Razor


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Baxter of California Five-Blade Cartridge Razor

It comes with five blades — as you’d likely expect from a cartridge razor — but what sets this Baxter of California grooming tool apart is its ergonomic resin handle. Even just looking at the handle hints at its luxury standing: and when you experiment with your first shave, you’ll find it lives up to all its aesthetic promise.

It’s weighted with the specific intent of reducing drag (no one likes inadvertently snagging the razor on a particularly stubborn area of facial hair) and to reduce irritation (though if your skin is protesting at your current shaving routine, we can help you there…). With a starter blade included and a subtle black aesthetic that’ll ensure it blends into any bathroom colour scheme, this is a cartridge razor guaranteed to make life a whole lot easier.

These are the best cartridge razors for men

Baxter of California Cartridge Razor


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Solimo 5-Blade MotionSphere Razor

If there was ever a cartridge razor created for the modern man, this offering from Solimo would be it. It’s a razor that understands business, and that appreciates hectic lifestyles and all the speed those lifestyles necessitate; and with its multi axis pivot, which is designed to follow the contours of your face to the letter, you can probably check your emails whilst shaving. It’s that efficient.

It also features an anti-clog design, for a supremely easier rinse — again, just the thing for a busy modern man with things to do, places to be and people to see — and with a hypoallergenic lubricating strip, complete with Vitamin E, you won’t even have to eke out any more of your precious time on moisturising. (Though we’d always advocate setting aside a quick five minutes for a quick moisturising session if you do have the time. It can do wonders.)

Wilkinson HYDRO 5 Skin Protection Regular Razor

Where the ever-reliable Wilkinson is concerned, you know you’re going to have a comfortable shave. But when it comes to the HYDRO 5 razor, it’ll lead to a shave to put all other shaves to shame. Designed with the ultimate skin protection in mind, the dermatologically tested gel is rife with Pro Vitamin B5 — covering the skin like a protective film, thus protecting the skin to the utmost degree.

The five blades (of course) include skin guards that double the points of contact, thus smoothing the skin ever further; and the gel pools can be neatly flicked back in order for the top of the blade to be used head to edge, allowing access to areas that can prevent myriad grooming challenges (under the nose, for example; always a uniquely tricky spot). With an ergonomically designed handle, this razor is grooming efficiency in object form; so we’d recommend snapping one up while you can.

These are the best cartridge razors for men

Wilkinson HYDRO 5 Razor


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Ernest Supplies Custom Triple Blade Razor

With an effective, specialist weighting and a tactility to rival the very best of them, it’s both aesthetically pleasing (the racing green handle, in particular, would make for a refreshing addition to any grooming kit) and so practical that it’s compatible with almost any widely available triple-blade cartridge.

The chrome plated handle will make for an effortless shaving experience (given how snugly it’ll fit in the hand) and is just the thing to befit the stylish, discerning gentleman we have no doubt you are. Not many pieces of gear are both chic and pragmatic: so whatever you do, don’t let this one slip away.

These are the best cartridge razors for men

Ernest Supplies Razor


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