Step inside the most luxurious homes currently for sale in Cannes

Traditional elegance, sleek modernity and panoramic ocean views: we've got you covered with the best Cannes properties to buy right now...

Anybody else been keeping up with this year’s Cannes Film Festival? What’s that? You didn’t even know the projectors had started rolling down on the sunny Croisette? We don’t blame you. This year’s put enough on our plates already. 

Ascot has already been run; the Euros have kicked off in headline-grabbing style; Wimbledon is in full swing. There’s been political scandals, mask-related debates and even news about news. So we can’t blame a fellow for falling behind on current events. But the red carpets are out in Cannes, the film festival is rolling — and it’s well worth your undivided attention. 

"Anybody else been keeping up with this year's Cannes Film Festival?"

Because the Cannes Film Festival is one of the most glamorous, star-studded events of the year. And Cannes itself — the glimmering, shimmering jewel in the French Riviera’s crown — is equally as captivating as any screen icon or superstar. That’s why we’ve looked beyond the big screen this summer, and found some of the most luxurious, jaw-dropping properties currently available to buy in the resort town.

So, whether you’re looking for beachfront elegance, city-centre luxury or relaxing, residential splendour up in those tranquil French hills, here are the best opulent options to invest in once the final credits roll…

Surround yourself with authenticity

We love an authentic stone farmhouse; and if you do too, this is the property for you. Charming rusticity (or, indeed, rustic charm) exemplified, properties don’t get more authentically traditional than this; but for all its rurality, this hillside farmhouse comes replete with comfort, too. It’s undergone a full refurbishment with the highest quality materials, and promises luxury living of the most bountiful standards.

There are the views, for one thing; those plunging, panoramic vistas of the ocean will make it hard to get anything done other than simply stare out to sea. But if you can tear yourself away from the view, you’ll benefit from the breathtaking swimming pool (complete with pool house), steam room and the wine cellar; not to mention the independent artist’s studio, if you’re a creative sort of chap — and a library, if your pursuits are more intellectually aligned. Plus, the garage can take six cars; just perfect for all that post-Covid socialising we very much hope you’ll be doing.

Opt for sleek, stylish modernity

Of course, you may be a more modern sort of chap; in which case, this sleekly contemporary property should be just the thing. This villa oozes suavity at every sharply polished turn, with (what feels like) acres of attractively bleached wood and floor-to-ceiling glass. We’d even go so far as to call it a ‘cool’ property: in fact, picture the coolest, most stylish gentleman you know. If he had a property in Cannes, it would be this one.

Again, the views are second to none: south facing, the property boasts panoramic views over the Mediterranean. This truly is a property for hosting: those outdoor spaces are made for parties, gatherings and general frivolity (always in a gentlemanly manner, of course), and there’s a 10-car parking area and triple garage. Once you’re exhausted from all that entertaining, you can take your pick of the principal bedroom suite (complete with private terrace), or one of four other large bedrooms: all of which have their own environment and climate control systems. Modernity, indeed.

Immerse yourself in pristine, city centre luxury

Have you ever longed to be right where the action is, whilst simultaneously wishing you had a secluded haven to escape to when the crowds all get too much? If that’s you, this property is the answer — just 200 metres from the Croisette, this luxurious private mansion is close to the buzz of the city centre: but it encapsulates privacy and seclusion to the highest degree.

And that’s not all it encapsulates: this mansion is replete with tasteful luxury and sophisticated grandeur. The exterior evokes a certain glamorous opulence, while the historic interiors have been fully renovated to boast every conceivable comfort of modern life. With five bedrooms, parking for eight cars and a separate independent apartment, this is a town mansion to hold gatherings of Scott Fitzgerald proportions; and that’s before we’ve even mentioned the blissfully spacious interiors, awash with light and replete with calming aesthetics.

Step inside the most luxurious homes currently for sale in Cannes

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Discover the definition of architectural elegance

This is one for those who like a property with a bit of history: it was built in 1875 as the property of the Marquise de Balleroy. That said, it’s also a property for those who like to be surrounded by subtle elegance, understated luxury and rejuvenating comfort — so a property for most gentlemen, presumably.

It’s in the centre of town, so you’ll be a stone’s throw from the action — but it’s located in a private gated domain, so you’ll be safely ensconced in your own secluded paradise. Its exterior façade is one of an achingly beautiful French period property: and it’s undergone a major renovation behind those green-shuttered walls. With four luxury bedrooms, a library and a gym among the veritable mine of subtly magnificent interiors, you’ll likely spend most of your days wandering around in awe at your good fortune.

Relax and restore in chic, contemporary style

We’ve already demonstrated our partiality to floor-to-ceiling glass (a common partiality, presumably) and sleek, polished floors coupled with sharp, definable edges all combining to evoke a state-of-the-art, contemporary elegance: and when all these attributes are paired with marble floors, an infinity pool and panoramic ocean views, we won’t take much convincing.

Open-plan is the name of the game here; if you’ve been feeling stifled and claustrophobic over the past 16 months of on-and-off lockdowns, this property will take those stresses and dispose of them entirely. The four bedroom suites are achingly stylish, and each have their own private terrace; not to mention the main bedroom suite on the ground floor, which seems to go on for miles. The open-plan kitchen boasts a luxurious breakfast bar; the living room flows seamlessly onto a spacious terrace; there’s a transparent wine cellar, and a pétanque court; we could go on, but we imagine you’ve got the gist.

Unburden your shoulders on the waterfront

When we say waterfront, we really mean waterfront. Poised right on the water’s edge, with a swimming pool embedded into the cliff face, we feel the term ‘panoramic ocean views’ doesn’t quite do justice where this property is concerned. You’ll almost blend into the ocean vista yourself: such is the harmony between this magnificent property and its cerulean surroundings.

Natural light truly comes into its own here, with expanses of windows that seemingly never end. Sunlit terrace after sunlit terrace provides ample space for entertaining to your heart’s content; and the bedroom-to-bathroom ratio (six bedrooms to twelve full and five partial bathrooms) will make hammering on the bathroom door a thing of the past, viewed through the hazy lenses of your sun-drenched Cannes present.

Step inside the most luxurious homes currently for sale in Cannes

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