Tennis and luxury in one elegant package: Keith Prowse are offering the Wimbledon experiences of a lifetime

Have you always wanted to do Wimbledon 'right'? Well, now's your chance: The exclusive official hospitality provider to The Championships, Wimbledon - Keith Prowse - are offering two luxury experiences of a lifetime.

What do you think of, when you think of Wimbledon? Tennis, presumably; national treasure Andy Murray may well spring to mind — but then Wimbledon’s always been about more than pure tennis, hasn’t it? Do you think of the archetypal strawberries and cream? The much lauded blue skies? The traditional Pimm’s? The iconic acres of green lawns? The oft-propagated Champagne?

We’d wager you’d think of pretty much anything relating to the great British summer. Because while Wimbledon is, first and foremost, about tennis — it’s the oldest tennis tournament in the world, after all, not to mention the world’s greatest tennis players who have long been associated with it — it’s more than a sporting event. It’s an experience: one that all gentlemen should do right. By ‘right’, we mean dressing for the occasion. By ‘right’, we mean partaking in the food and drink that best befits the occasion. And by ‘right’, we mean Keith Prowse: the exclusive official hospitality provider to The Championships, Wimbledon.

Andy Murray vs Novak Djokovic at The Championships 2013

Keith Prowse may not immediately spring to mind when you first think of Wimbledon: but be prepared for that to change. Appointed as the AELTC’s hospitality partner in 2019, following a working relationship spanning back over 35 years, Keith Prowse offers the all-inclusive hospitality experience that has the power to lift Wimbledon from an afternoon spent watching tennis (world-class tennis, of course), to an immersive, luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll be talking about for years to come. Every time you see the word ‘Wimbledon’ in print or grace your local tennis courts, Keith Prowse will jump, unbidden, to the forefront of your mind.

How will it do this, you ask? Well, that’s a good question — especially given the possible restrictions that may still be in place for this year’s Championships — but it’s a question we’re more than ready to answer. Keith Prowse offers hospitality at an elevated level in every possible sense. Take service, for example. Wimbledon attracts a discerning crowd when it comes to hospitality, to say the least — so each year aims to build on the year before. In 2019, guest feedback delivered a 99% satisfaction rate with service as the stand-out factor: accordingly, this year will see guests receiving the seamless, five star service they’ve come to expect, with staff undergoing bespoke training prior to the Championships.

But let’s talk specifics. This year, Keith Prowse are offering two particular experiences to anyone who wishes to do Wimbledon the right way (and by ‘right’, we mean embracing it for the luxurious, quintessential British experience it truly is): The Lawn and the Skyview Suites. These experiences both offer a concierge service as standard, but they differ with respect to atmosphere, space, style, proximity to the court seats, location of court seats and privacy. Intrigued? Us, too…

For a relaxed, elegant experience, opt for The Lawn

The Lawn — previously known as The Gatsby Club — is a relaxed, flexible day experience: albeit one steeped in luxury, tradition and elegance.

Let’s get straight down to business: The Lawn experience includes either No 1. Court or Centre Court tickets. We presumably don’t need to tell you that those are pretty much the best seats going; you can wave goodbye to Murray Mound on your way in. (Not that we aren’t fond of Murray Mound, of course; but it’s no Centre Court.) It’s right by Gate 5, too, so you’re conveniently close to the action — and those photo opportunities will be second to none (if you didn’t take a picture, were you really there?).

That’s the tennis swiftly dealt with; now to the luxury experience, on which Keith Prowse are the undisputed experts. The Lawn is a double height, glass fronted space, and includes an English garden rife with charm, as well as a giant outdoor screen. Live music plays throughout the day, and from the moment The Lawn opens at 10:30am, the aforementioned concierge service is there to cater to your every need.

Sound good? Well, we haven’t told you the best part yet. From 11:30am, lunch is served; and it’s not just any lunch. Lucky Lawn residents will partake in a three-course à la carte menu, courtesy of Michel Roux Jr. and Emily Roux (we’re talking Almond Gazpacho and a Seafood Platter; and that’s just two of the delectable dishes on offer). At 1:00pm, play commences: this is the moment when you’ll thank your lucky stars (and Keith Prowse) that you’re so close to the action. 4:00pm sees an afternoon tea that’s about as traditional — and delicious — as they come. And we haven’t forgotten the good stuff, either; chilled Champagne is on offer throughout the day, as are bespoke cocktails made to order by the very best mixologists.

For a once-in-a-lifetime day of chic, sophisticated luxury, opt for the Skyview Suites

Where the Skyview Suites experience is concerned: it’s similar to The Lawn, in many ways. But then again, it’s elevated at almost every level. This is an experience dripping in luxury from top to bottom, made for those guests who seek the good life in all its exclusive, sun-burnished glory.

The inclusive tickets are Centre Court only, so you’re guaranteed to be party to the most exciting tennis of the day. It’s actually situated in Centre Court, too, so as the location goes — well, you can’t beat it, really. Lucky Skyview guests will benefit from fast-track access through Gate 5, too, and you can even park directly outside, based on request (based on one car for four people), subject to availability and cost. Let’s just say you wouldn’t need to worry about fighting your way through the crowds at Southfields station: a unique Wimbledon experience in itself, but one that many, presumably, wouldn’t mind going without. And if you don’t fancy driving yourself, Keith Prowse have you covered: there’s a luxury car chauffeur service per suite (for journeys within the M25).

Each Skyview Suite caters for ten or twenty guests; and each one comes with a hostess service and a private balcony, offering a privileged and unique vantage point overlooking the crowds. The timings are much the same as on The Lawn — but at the Skyview Suite, you’ll benefit from a vintage Champagne reception (plus canapés, of course) between arrival and lunch.

Lunch itself is four courses, rather than three (we’ve got our eye on the South Downs Rabbit Terrine and the Poached Monkfish, but the choices are so varied that you’ll find yourself catapulting between the course options right up until the moment of decision comes), and comes with specially selected fine wines. Afternoon tea will take place at 4:00pm (if you thought you knew what strawberries and cream should be like, you’ve obviously never — yet — been to the Skyview Suites) and vintage and rosé Champagne will be flowing all day, should you require it.

Make no mistake: Keith Prowse will see guests making their merry way home after the luxury experience of a lifetime. You’ll be discussing the events of the match non-stop, of course; but you’ll also be full to bursting with five star cuisine, scones and Champagne; you’ll be sporting a vociferous suntan from all that time spent on The Lawn or on your balcony; and you’ll be happily reminiscing on a day spent celebrating tennis, luxury and the great British summer. And that, really, is what Wimbledon is all about.

Click here to book your experience. Current prices start at £775pp+VAT (subject to availability).

Please note that the hospitality experience and inclusions are subject to change if restrictions are enforced by the government.

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