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Your guide to the best grooming travel sets

Jetting off this summer? Don’t catch a flight without one of these handy sets in tow…

Whether you rack up your air miles on account of business or pleasure, the gentleman who takes regularly to the skies is bound to encounter a few grooming challenges. Cabin pressure, recycled air and a lack of oxygen inside the artificial plane environment can wreak havoc on your complexion — making it prone to dehydration, increased sensitivity, a lack of radiance and, worst of all, breakouts.

And it isn’t just your skin that will be the tell-tale sign of a sleepless flight — puffy eyes, sour breath and an untamed mane are the surefire giveaways of too much time spent airborne. But do no not despair. Counteracting the damage is easy — just so long as you have the right grooming essentials stowed in your hand luggage. Read on for our curation of the grooming travel sets that will keep you feeling your best, even after a long-haul flight. 

Best for a business handshake: Czech & Speake Air Safe Manicure Kit

czech speake manicure set

We all know the power of a good handshake. And research has shown that this bastion of the business world is a surefire way to make a good impression. A strong handshake assures those you meet that you’re competent, trustworthy and opens the door for a positive professional relationship. With this in mind, it’s imperative that you have your digits looking and feeling ready for serious business when you touch down. 

For a little in-flight grooming, this air-safe manicure set by Czech & Speake is perfect. Each one of the miniature instruments have rounded edges to conform to international restrictions on hand luggage for air travel.

czech speake manicure set

Czech & Speake manicure set


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Best for feeling fresh on a flight: Floris Travel Collection For Him

floris travel set

To explore the world, you need a world of fragrances to take along with you. That means, even if you have a signature scent, it pays to invest in an entire fragrance collection that will broaden your horizons as much as your travels will.

We’d suggest this eau de toilette travel collection from Floris. With four different scents — the aromatic Santal, the floral No.89, the woody Elite and citrus JF — it will keep you feeling fresh wherever you land.

floris travel set

Floris Travel Collection


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Best for a clean shave: Acqua di Parma Grooming Kit

acqua di parma travel set

Designed to recreate the pleasure of traditional shaving from the comfort of your own home (or hotel room), Acqua di Parma’s Collezione Barbiere provides products of the highest Italian-made quality for the modern gentleman.

This Essential Shaving Kit is the perfect accompaniment to your grooming routine. Homed in a zipped pouch you can find a travel size of each shaving oil and beard serum, as well as the mini Colonia cologne for the ultimate barbershop experience — no matter where in the world you are.

acqua di parma travel set

Acqua di Parma Barbiere Prestige shaving kit


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Best for a weekend away: Malin + Goetz Weekender

malin + goetz travel set

Malin + Goetz is a firm favourite over here at GJ, having taken the winning spot in haircare in our grooming awards this year. But, its miraculous, minimalist range does not begin and end with a cracking shampoo — its skincare is pretty damn great, too. 

Now, it’s offering a collection of its bestselling essentials in one handy travel kit — including TSA-approved sizes of their grapefruit face cleanser, vitamin e face moisturiser, bergamot body wash, bergamot hand treatment, eucalyptus deodorant and lip moisturiser. 

Best for beating jet lag: Aesop Departure Kit

aesop travel set

Compact and eminently portable, Aesop’s Departure travel kit contains seven travel-sized essentials from the company’s Skin, Body and Personal Care ranges, all of which comply with international restrictions for in-flight carriage of liquids. With formulations to cleanse and moisturise the hands, maintain optimum hydration for the skin, ensure oral hygiene, and soothe the mind and senses, it is a collection that makes for impeccable upkeep throughout any journey regardless of mode of transport.

And, for the frequent flyer, Aesop also offer Arrival, a sibling kit containing four products to refresh the hair and body upon arrival and beyond.

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