Floris’ Private Collection comes to life on the polo field

To celebrate Floris’ Leather Oud, we headed to Cowdray Park to meet the polo players who spend their lives around the scent’s masculine inspiration

There are few smells as evocative as leather. For the entrepreneur it’s the scent of a new pair of Oxfords. For the car enthusiast it’s a fresh pair of driving gloves. And, for the professional polo player, it’s the familiar fragrance of saddles, bridles and riding boots.

And, just as the best riding saddles are still handmade by skilled craftsman using the finest leather, Floris’ reputation as a traditional British brand that values carefully honed expertise and time-honoured techniques makes its Private Collection fragrances the perfect choice for the elegant gentleman. Inspired by great people and events, both past and present, and utilising the world’s finest ingredients, each scent in the Private Collection range has been created by Floris’ in-house perfumers to tell a story with its unique fragrance.


With its striking core note, Leather Oud is the ideal Private Collection fragrance for on and off the field. Masculine and comforting while being simultaneously reminiscent of excitement and the possibilities of things to come, leather lies at the heart of this popular fragrance. Blending notes of vetiver, patchouli, bergamot and amber – along with its two titular ingredients – Leather Oud is an unapologetically opulent fragrance with hints of spice and smoke.

Gentleman’s Journal headed down to the Cowdray Park Polo Club, one of England’s most prestigious polo venues, to catch its athletes in action and put this very British fragrance to the test on the field of the most British of sports. After all, it is only fitting that the Queen’s perfumer should be the preferred choice for those playing the sport of kings. Watch the full film above.

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