The best cars to look forward to in 2024

These are the finest wheels that'll hit the road in the coming year

If Christmas is a time for reflection, then the new year is all about looking forward. With another bumper automotive calendar ahead, the planners among us will be keen to get their orders in for the latest and greatest metal soon to be hitting the market. For those still in need of some inspiration, we’ve combed through the listings to find the best cars to look forward to in the coming 12 months.

Range Rover Electric

Since 1969, the Range Rover has been the king of the off-road world, and 2024 marks the moment the loveable beast gets electrified for the first time. Keen to keep its crown as one of the finest 4x4s on the market, Jaguar Land Rover management points out that the Range will have similar performance to the flagship V8, while being the quietest and most-refined model to date.

Polestar 3 and Polestar 4

Polestar continues its march on the electric-car market with the arrival of the 3 and 4. The 3 is the most practical and spacious Polestar yet, with sustainable materials galore in the cabin and a suitably streamlined profile on the outside. As for the 4, the sportier coupe-SUV sibling, the cutting-edge ethos continues – notably, it doesn’t feature a rear windscreen. Inside both, there’s plenty of the minimalist controls and Scandi-chic styling we’ve come to expect from the venture. The 3 is scheduled to start from £80,000, meanwhile the 4 will be closer to the £55,000 mark.

Alpine A290

What’s not to love about a French hot hatch – especially one with a 215bhp electric motor and takes its visual cues from the legendary Renault 5? The Alpine A290 is the hatchback follow-up from the brilliant A110 sportscar, made by the reinvigorated French auto-manufacturer and sporty sister brand to Renault. Expected to cover the 0–60mph dash in under six seconds and equipped with more splitters, wings and bigger rims than its more pedestrian Renault 5 sibling, the A290 is set to be a hit.

Aston Martin Valhalla

We’ve been patiently waiting for Aston to pull the covers off the production-ready Valhalla, and, all being well, the big moment is scheduled to arrive this year. As the first mid-engined series-production car in the marque’s 108-year history, the Valhalla has a lot resting on its wings. Only 999 examples will be built, with each comprising a bespoke 4.0L twin-turbo V8, assisted by two electric motors – one on the front axle and the other on the rear – to churn out over 1,000bhp. That’s enough to top the 0–62mph dash in just 2.5 seconds.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The loveable Land Cruiser is the backbone of the rough-and-ready off-road market. For decades, it’s been the workhorse for farmers, militaries and even the United Nations, praised for its robust engineering and reliability. After a period of questionable jelly-mould exterior styling, 2024 marks a welcome return to form with a retro-inspired model ready to take on the Land Rover Defender, Ineos Grenadier and Jeep Wrangler. Equipped with a 2.8L turbocharged diesel engine, the new Land Cruiser is expected to be priced from £50,000 when it arrives in the first half of the year. As for those looking for a hybrid version, you’ll have to wait until 2025, when the first electrified Cruiser hits the road.

BMW M5 Touring

There’s just something about fast estate cars. Perhaps it’s the ability to edge close to 200mph on the autobahn while carrying the family pooch in the boot, or the typically understated looks of a performance wagon. Either way, BMW’s flagship 5 Series will hit the streets in 2024, equipped with a 4.4L twin-turbocharged V8 engine, paired to an electric motor. Together, the two powerplants provide all-wheel drive and a combined power output of 644bhp. Enough for the school run? Just about.

Lotus Emeya

Move over Porsche Taycan, there’s a new kid on the super-saloon block and it comes in the form of the Lotus Emeya. The latest model to continue Lotus’s campaign of new cars, and the third EV from the Hethel-based company, the Emeya is the low-slung sister ship to the Eletre SUV. Powered by a 102kWh battery and two electric motors that pump out a combined 893bhp, the Emeya is expected to accelerate from 0–62mph in only 2.78 seconds and will be priced from £100,000 when it arrives before the year ends.

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