Which luxury SUV is right for you?

With more than enough to choose from, here’s our pick of the most premium 4x4s on the market…

When the Range Rover stormed on to the scene back in 1969, it unwittingly laid the foundations for the modern luxury sports utility vehicle, otherwise known as the SUV. Now ubiquitous in almost every environment – from urban centres to the countryside – the SUV is showing no signs of slinking away into the bushes any time soon.

What started as a practical, go-anywhere vehicle with touches of luxury (and, by that, we mean vinyl seats and a radio), the market has moved on considerably since the early days of the Range Rover. As the levels of decadence increased in cars, so did the number of options. For decades, Range Rover had the market wrapped, that is until Porsche popped into the fight with its Cayenne at the turn of the millennium, opening the floodgates for more and more manufacturers.

In came Bentley with its Bentagya, in 2015; Rolls-Royce with the Cullinan, in 2018; and Aston Martin with the DBX, in 2020. Now embracing electric, the luxury SUV arms race continues, with the likes of Lotus joining with its new battery-powered Eletre, and Polestar with its 3 arriving later this year.

With more than enough to choose from, here’s our pick of the finest luxury 4x4s on the market…

Polestar 3: For The New Wave

Snow coloured Polestar 3 driving along mountain roads

Slated for late 2023, the new all-electric Polestar 3 brings a fresh perspective to the luxury SUV market with its Scandi-chic focus on sustainability. With prices starting from £80,000, it costs almost £10,000 less than its electric competitor, the Lotus Eletre (more below). Its rakish styling hints at its aerodynamic efficiency and, as expected, it’s laden with the latest safety systems and technology, given it’s a relative of the Volvo stable. On the inside, its clean, pared-back design and focus on well-made, sustainable materials will put it high on the wishlist for those who’re looking for something that pushes the envelope.

From £80,000

Range Rover: For The Traditionalists

White Range Rover driving across a bridge

Sticking to the original, the Range Rover is still a firm favourite with those seeking a car that does everything effortlessly. With roots dating all the way back to 1969, the Range Rover still sets the benchmark when it comes to a go-anywhere luxury car. The latest model is hard to fault, in any department, with its sleek, sheer surface design and minimalist interior that’s laden with tech. On and off the road, this beauty performs.

From £94,400

Rolls-Royce Cullinan: For The Statement Makers

Rolls-Royce Cullinan driving through desert creating sand dust cloud

By far the most controversial SUV to date, when Rolls-Royce pulled the covers off the Cullinan, back in 2018, it took a while for the world to wrap its head around the figures. Weighing in at 2.7 tonnes, powered by a silky-smooth 6.7-litre V12, and well over £300,000 with a sprinkling of personalisation, the Cullinan was – and still is – a land yacht with a ride quality and level of comfort like no other car on the market.

From £298,800

Bentley Bentayga: For The Detail Obsessed

Bentley Bentayga driving through an icy road dimly lit by the northern lights

Time has been kind to the Bentayga. Eight years have passed since it was first launched and, since then, Bentley fans have warmed to its four-wheel-drive flagship. Few cars rival the brand’s appetite for fine interiors and the Bentayga is one of the best. Beautifully handcrafted quilted leather meets wood, metal, carbonfibre and even stone on the inside, making it one of the finest places to watch the world pass by. Now available with an extended wheelbase, the stretched Bentayga features first-class-aircraft levels of luxury in the back.

From £162,500

Lotus Eletre: For Those Embracing Electric

Yellow Lotus Eletre on the edge of a large lake

In Lotus’s prime, back in its mighty Formula One-winning days, few would have predicted the UK carmaker would eventually turn its hand to electric SUVs. But roll with the times because Lotus has seen the dawn of electric as a chance to redefine its product portfolio, with the new battery-powered Eletre SUV set for late 2023. Packing a punch with its 109kWh battery, the Eletre will cover off the 0–60mph dash in just 4.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 160mph. Keeping with the long-standing Lotus value, the brand has kept the weight as low as possible, with the Eletre coming in at 2.5 tonnes, despite its enormous battery.

From £89,500

Aston Martin DBX 707: For The Drivers

Blue Aston Martin DBX 707 driving along a mountain road

Few cars – SUVs or not – match up to the Aston Martin DBX 707 when it comes to performance. A ballistic supercar challenger disguised as an SUV, the 707 put Aston back on the map, kickstarting its new product assault under its new owner, Lawrence Stroll, and entry into Formula One. Though there’s no doubting its performance with a 0–60mph time of three seconds, and a top speed just shy of 200mph, the 707 is also a practical, high-riding tourer with more than enough room in the back seats and boot.

From £190,000

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