The best spontaneous weekends away

Stuck on what to do this weekend? The idea of spontaneously leaving work on a Friday and heading straight for Heathrow may seem particularly daunting to some people, but to a man with a list of many unfulfilled plans, the weekend is an opportunity for him to start crossing them off. Whether you’re looking to treat your lady, or if you fancy some time with the boys. Whatever it is, we bring you our picks of where we believe are the best places to spontaneously travel to for the weekend.

It hasn’t got the postcard beaches or Mediterranean sun but Scotland’s widely celebrated capital is the UK’s second most popular tourist destination, just behind London. Being only an hour and a half flight from Heathrow makes it the perfect weekend getaway. Whether you’re planning a trip with your girlfriend or just with friends, Edinburgh has it all. Daytime attractions include the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Edinburgh Castle or Murrayfield Stadium whereas we recommend you leave the night for wining and dining, or better… the notorious Edinburgh pub crawls.
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The Slavic up-and-coming city for tourism is on our list for its subtle beauty. Its rise in the nightlife scene has made it more than just a pass through ‘oversized town’ for people on their way to Vienna. Although there has been a rise in rowdy stag parties; for the city’s name giving off the impression of a scenic European village to the unassuming girlfriend, it actually has many parts that are virtually untouched by the tourism trade. Fancy a weekend engrossed in culture? Visit the Bratislavan Castle, many archaic Churches or dine in the neo-UFO restaurant.
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Yes, it’s an obvious one on this list for its liberal approach to many things that we traditional British see as obscene and dangerous. But easy travel, easy accommodation and the chance to witness one of Europe’s most beautiful cities makes Amsterdam a must. Of course at times the city’s reputation splits many minds on whether or not it is an ideal break, but that shouldn’t overshadow the beautiful canals, grand train station and relaxing culture that Amsterdam offers.
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A place once described as the mini Venice, Port Grimaud is exceptionally beautiful. With its arterial streams running through the village alongside individually designed houses once inhabited by the town fishermen, it’s a place that at night resembles the scenery of Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night Over The Rhone’. If you’re looking to impress her,  then we believe that a surprise trip to Southern France is an option you must consider.
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Don’t let the dark-humoured comedy of ‘In Bruges’ put you off the place, Bruges is simply beautiful. If you’re looking for a city that wouldn’t appear out of character in a Walt Disney fairytale, then it’s the ideal destination. Perfect for taking the woman in your life; she’ll enjoy the many canal-side bars and restaurants that the Cinderella city has to offer.
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Perhaps ever growing in tourist popularity since the pop hit ‘Budapest’ by Bristolian George Ezra, Hungary’s capital is bursting with a variety of culture. Overlooking the city is the Buda Castle which offers astounding views over the river and rooftops – the perfect chance to grab some #instaworthy pictures. When the weather is good, enjoy the outdoor nightlife fit with swimming pools, bars and the seasonal funfair.
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