13 December 2022

Tussling with Trump, leaving the BBC, and asking the deadly question with a smile

Jon Sopel, Broadcaster and journalist

“My phone was exploding, mainly with texts from my kids: ‘Donald Trump knows who you are — do we need to leave the country?!’”

Jon Sopel was the BBC’s North America editor from 2014 to 2021 — perhaps the most eventful seven years in modern American history. Last year, he announced he was leaving the BBC after more than three decades to start The News Agents, a new podcast with former BBC colleagues Emily Maitlis and Lewis Goodall, which kicked off in the number one slot on the podcast charts this week.

In a rather wonderful conversation, Jon discusses his high-profile scuffle with Donald Trump in the White House briefing room; the most devastating moments in his time as a foreign correspondent; and how his nerves almost got the better of him when interviewing Barack Obama.

The News Agents is available on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts.

This episode has been recorded at Mark's Club,read by Joseph Bullmore and produced by Martin Lumsden.

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