12 March 2024

Cruising the savanna with Sir Jim Ratcliffe

Rory Smith, Motoring Editor-at-Large

Motoring Editor-at-Large Rory Smith talks us through his interview with Ineos's Sir Jim Ratcliffe – including the unlikely pub origins of the Grenadier car; his surprising shyness; and the Manchester United takeover. Plus! The most exciting new car launches of the year.

This episode has been produced by Martin Lumsden for GJ Productions

13 December 2022

“I was a homeless bohemian, sleeping in the studio and eating jammy dodgers…”

Labrinth, Musician and producer

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14 March 2024

Is this the end of the chunky sports watch?

Justin Hast, Watch Editor-at-Large

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12 March 2024

Inside the American Issue

Joseph Bullmore and Harry Jarman, Editor-at-Large and Founder

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