0109 August 2017| 33 Min

The Future of Wealth

Alex Scott, Charles Hambro & Piers Hedley, Wealth Managers

Getting rich is easy. It’s staying rich that’s the hard part. Today, we speak to three titans of the wealth management industry – Alex ScottCharles Hambro, and Piers Hedley – and discover just how much this ancient game has changed in recent years.

From the fallout of the financial crisis, to the rise of millennial billionaires and the advent of investment algorithms, today’s guests give us an unprecedented insight into wealth management’s inner workings, its future, and the strategies that will help secure it.

Along the way, Alex, Charles and Piers tell us how they can instantly tell a good entrepreneur from a bad one, how the wealthy make their own luck, and how everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.