0526 March 2020

Putin’s public enemy number one

Bill Browder, Financier and activist

“I get this panic call from the secretary: ‘Bill, there’s 25 police officers raiding the office. What should I do?'”

Today on the Gentleman’s Journal podcast we hear the incredible story of Bill Browder, the American financier and activist — and Vladimir Putin’s public enemy number one.

This is one of the most eye opening and poignant episodes we’ve ever recorded. Bill is, like all of our guests, an incredible entrepreneur and business person — in fact, he set up and ran perhaps the most successful hedge fund of all time. But it’s what Bill did after this initial success that really places him in a category of one. As you’ll hear, his incredible story takes in crooked plutocrats, exorbitant wealth, international intrigue, torture, imprisonment, tragedy and — in the end — a bold and ingenious bid for justice.