02219 June 2018| 43 Min

If you’re the smartest guy in the room, you’re in the wrong room

Steve Varsano, Founder and CEO of the Jet Business

My guest on today’s episode is Steve Varsano, founder and CEO of the Jet Business, the world’s first private aviation showroom.

Steve’s career started up in the clouds when he trained to become a pilot in the 1970s. He’s scarcely come down to earth since. Today, the New Jersey boy has sold more jets than almost anyone in the world, and his remarkable showroom on Park Lane continues to use breathtaking technology and insight to win over its clients.

In one of the most entertaining episodes we’ve ever recorded, Steve tells us how a chance encounter at a night club led to his first job in sales; how a good network is one of the most valuable things one can own; and how his first sale — at the hands of some mysterious Venezuelans — was almost his very last.

Our thanks, once again, to Mark’s Club for playing host.