13 December 2022

“I was a homeless bohemian, sleeping in the studio and eating jammy dodgers…”

Labrinth, Musician and producer

Our guest on today’s episode of the Gentleman’s Journal podcast is Labrinth, the musician and super producer. We first met Labrinth back in 2019, just after his last album, ‘Imagination and the Misfit Kid’, came out — but before the wild, runaway success of the giant HBO show Euphoria, which became the most tweeted about program in history during its second season earlier this year.

A huge amount of the show’s success is almost certainly down to its soundtrack, which Labrinth, of course, scored and produced — and the music in the show very often has the otherworldly and yet soulful energy that is true of all of Labrinth’s music.

His latest album, ‘Ends and Begins’, is certainly otherworldly — and we talk about the cosmic nature of Labrinth’s music and beliefs in a highly enjoyable conversation that spans his feelings on his recent ADHD diagnosis; how he is excited about the great adventure of death; and why fame makes toddlers of us all.