0158 November 2017| 35 Min

How to become a CEO at 25

Ross Bailey, Founder and CEO of Appear Here

Our guest on today’s podcast is Ross Bailey, the founder and CEO of Appear Here.

Ross left school at 16, and soon found that his infectious enthusiasm lent itself perfectly to the world of business. His first true entrepreneurial venture, founded when he was just 19, is the one that he still heads up today. Appear Here is now the world’s largest online marketplace for short-term retail spaces – a kind of Air BnB for commercial property. A major driving force in the pop-up sector, the company works with thousands of established brands and fledgling businesses every year, and has just overseen a very successful expansion to Paris and the US.

Today, Ross tells us how a Jubilee-themed party accidentally kicked off the entire business, what it’s like to be a CEO of a multinational company at the age of 25, and why he never wants to hear about another clean-eating start up ever again.

Our thanks once again to Mark’s Club for playing hosts.