0607 August 2020| 75 Min

Go with your gut

Jeremy King, Restaurateur

Jeremy King is the restaurateur behind so many of London’s finest and most adored restaurants. Along with his long time collaborator Chris Corbin, he opened the Ivy and J Sheekey and Le Caprice in the nineties, all of which became London’s first true ‘power’ restaurants — and more recently, they’ve been behind places like the Wolseley, the Delaunay, Colbert, Fischer’s, Soutine and Brasserie Zedel.

In this episode, we spoke about how Jeremy decided to bet his whole career on the role of the dice; why he would pretend to be Long John Silver when working in finance; why you should always go with your gut; how the hospitality industry can survive this pandemic; why “I’m doing my best” is a terrible thing to say; and why you should never open a restaurant on a full moon.