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Win a wardrobe of timeless style essentials with Asket

Celebrate the anti-Black Friday movement with the sustainable Swedish brand

This Friday will mark the beginning of what has become the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Formally known as Black Friday but, in reality, now a weeks-long event characterised by steep discounts, it is both a time retailers sitting on millions of pounds worth of unsold stock have become reliant on and a worrying trend that encourages shoppers only to buy during sales.

One brand that will resolutely not be taking part, however, is Asket. The Swedish brand is built around an ethos of creating timeless, sustainable and high quality clothing that actively encourages consumers to buy less and cherish the clothing they invest in. Fast fashion this is not.

To celebrate its seasonless approach to style and highlight the damaging environmental and ethical impact perpetuated by events like Black Friday, Asket has teamed up with photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce (AKA GarconJon) to create a photoshoot spotlighting the power of timeless style.

“Typically editorial shoots showcase the latest fashion trends and short-lived seasonal pieces, but in collaborating with Jonathan we wanted to challenge that notion, showcasing that fashion fades with the season but true style prevails,” says August Bard-Bringéus, co-founder at Asket. “With these images we’re making a statement against a culture that encourages relentless buying, especially pertinent now ahead of Black Friday. Instead we want to inspire people to focus on fewer but quality belongings that they can rely on year in, year out.”

Shot on location in Edinburgh, the setting was chosen specifically for its timeless quality, showing how the pieces featured are as relevant now as they were decades ago and will continue to be for decades to come. The series also features subtle nods towards the failures of the modern fashion industry and its dependence on overproduction and markdowns; a trap which Asket has neatly avoided with its Permanent Collection – a range of curated garments added to sparingly and never changed to meet seasonal trends.

asket win

“We’re firm in the belief that if the industry adopted our model, the fashion industry could be just the same in terms of value but at a fraction of the production volume, and inherent waste,” explains Bard-Bringéus. “While other brands and retailers kickstart their biggest shopping weekend of the year through cheap sales tricks and extensive discounting, we’re instead making a statement against a culture that encourages relentless buying – when in reality we already have enough.”

There’s no denying that major changes need to take place within the fashion industry if we are to preserve our planet’s natural resources. One of the key ways to do this as a consumer is to buy less and buy better – and we’ve teamed up with Asket to get you started. The brand is offering one reader the chance to win a full outfit from its Permanent Collection, including a T-shirt, shirt, sweater, trousers, scarf, hat, underwear and jacket, worth up to £1,000. And, should you be the lucky winner, thanks to Asket’s commitment to high quality materials, thoughtful design and solid construction, you’ll have a wardrobe to last you for years to come.

To enter simply fill in the form below by 7 December 2020, good luck!

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