Asket’s cashmere sweater is the only knitwear you need this season

100% traceable and recycled and luxuriously soft, you’ll never want to wear anything else

We have now officially waved goodbye to summer and, while you may be lamenting the loss of long evenings and warm sunshine, there’s plenty to look forward to as the weather cools. Most notably, of course, is having reason to wear knitwear again – and there’s nothing like pulling on a super-soft cashmere sweater to quell those post-summer blues.

asket cashmere

However, despite its reputation as the most luxurious of wools, the popularity of cashmere means it isn’t always the best choice for the environment. Crafted from the under-fur of cashmere goats, it is a fabric prized for its breathability, downy softness and durability – and this means everyone wants some in their wardrobe. The result has been that, over the past few decades, what was once one of the rarest and most highly prized of wools has become far too accessible, with prices driven down by harmful intensive farming methods that put pressure on the traditional herding grounds of Mongolia and China and hugely increase methane emissions.

So can you still invest in high quality cashmere without harming the planet? Thanks to sustainable Swedish brand Asket, and the relaunch of its signature cashmere sweater, the answer is yes. First introduced in 2017 when it was made using virgin fibres – and sold out in no time – Asket took the sweater out of production when the harmful impact of cashmere farming became apparent. Since then it has worked hard to source recycled cashmere from one of Italy’s finest suppliers and, better yet, Asket’s chosen mill also uses a process called mechanical dying which, although the name may sound industrial and polluting, uses no water or dye stuff and is therefore far better for the environment.

asket cashmere
asket cashmere

The result is an elegant, timeless sweater crafted from 97% recycled cashmere and 3% recycled lambs wool that will last for years to come. Available in light brown, light grey, dark grey and navy, there’s a hue to go with every outfit. Plus, as the cashmere jumper joins Asket’s Permanent Collection (and will therefore not be replaced in a few season’s time), should moths with particularly good taste ever find their way into your wardrobe, you needn’t worry about replacing your favourite new sweater.

So how should you be wearing your Asket cashmere sweater now? We’re pairing ours with dark denim at the weekends, chinos and a shirt for casual Friday and keeping one in our backpacks during the week for layering with tailored jackets and trousers. Working from home? We promise this is the piece that will finally coax you out of your pyjamas.

Asket Cashmere Sweater

Asket Cashmere Sweater


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