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Why it’s finally time to embrace makeup for men

We bring you the ‘barely-there’ basics that will revolutionise your grooming routine...

It’s 2019 and the times, they are a changin’. A-list actors donning everything from glittering harnesses to full-blown ball gowns topped best-dressed lists this past awards season — and the global market for male grooming products is estimated to be worth over $60bn by 2020

And yet, despite shifting attitudes, luxury products, and a broadening definition of masculinity coming to the fore, it would seem that makeup is the last, great grooming frontier that some men just aren’t quite ready to conquer. So, in order to help you on your way, we’ve called on the experts and compiled a shortlist of the best, minimal men’s makeup on the market today.

For a just-back-from-holiday bronze...

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that everybody looks better with a tan. And, if you haven’t quite got the budget to nip over to the Bahamas and get a hearty dose of the real thing, then these natural-effect products will do the job nicely, for a fraction of the price.

According to Andrew Grella, the founder of men’s makeup brand Formen, a perfect place to start if you’re new to the world of men’s makeup is with a simple CC cream or tinted moisturiser. “As the majority of our clients are first time users to these types of products, I usually suggest our CC cream,” he says. “It comes out white like a moisturiser and then adjusts to your skin tone. So it’s like you’re applying a normal moisturiser until you see the effects of it starting to work.”

And the best thing, in Grella’s opinion? “It doesn’t look like you’re using any kind of product!”

Why it’s finally time to embrace makeup for men

Sisley Paris Tinted Moisturiser With Botanical Extracts


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Why it’s finally time to embrace makeup for men

Formen Brightening CC Cream


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For well-groomed brows...

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then it follows that eyebrows are the proverbial curtains. We would hope that it goes without saying that no man should ever be seen sporting a monobrow, so a good pair of tweezers should be your first port of call for a little follicle maintenance. Next up, try a simple pencil or gel, matched to your natural colour.

Some brows will require a (conservative) amount of product to brush them into place. If yours are a little on the wild side, consider giving one of these a try.

Why it’s finally time to embrace makeup for men

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For hiding a multitude of sins…

If you suffer with any kind of skin dullness, redness or an unfortunate susceptibility to dark circles after a night of drinking, then a trusty concealer is your new best friend. Perfect for helping solve a range of skin issues, including acne, skin blotchiness, and notable scarring, the great thing about a good concealer is that you don’t need to use loads to get the job done. Usually, a little dot (blended well) is enough to soften the appearance enough for no one to notice.

Why it’s finally time to embrace makeup for men

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For puckering-up with confidence

“The three key things you should look for in a lip balm are sunscreen, fragrances, and preservatives,” says dermatology expert Dr. Adnan Nasir, adding that you should definitely stay clear of the last two if you have allergies. But this does not mean that you have to stock up on chemicals. Natural preservatives like beeswax and rosemary oil can be found in a number of lip balms.

We recommend these pocket-sized lip-savers for offering great hydration with a matte finish — so you don’t have to worry about looking like you swiped your girlfriend’s lip gloss.

Why it’s finally time to embrace makeup for men

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