Introducing the new style kings of 2019

Social media is the new runway. So why not head to Instagram, follow these well dressed gents’ example and stay looking sharp for the next 12 months…

Oh, fashion. How fickle you are. How fast-shifting, ever-changing and unpredictable you can be. Styles and trends seem to dip in and out of vogue faster than most men can handle. But, thankfully, there are those chosen few — gents armed with knowledge, taste and disposable income — to stay alert to every curveball fashion throws at us.

As such, we need only swipe onto social media to take guidance. There we can find this force of sartorially-minded men — those who will guide us through the minefield of modern menswear. From models to musicians, they’re a varied bunch united through their keen eye for drop-dead threads. So take note, for these are our new style kings of 2019.

The young one: Timothee Chalamet

You may consider a bold striped shirt a brave look. But, with the right amount of confidence, it can become a standout addition to your Monday morning look. To this end, follow in the Oscar-nominated footsteps of acting wunderkind Timothee Chalamet, who is pairing stripes with his signature bed harid for an even bolder look.

We love this option from Emma Willis; hand-cut and finished in their Gloucester Factory. Inspiration from a French actor realised in pure European style. What more could you want?

Introducing the new style kings of 2019

Emma Willis Butchers stripe shirt


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The cool one: Michael B Jordan

If your chattering teeth hadn’t given it away, it’s still pretty chilly out there. So, to combat the cold, you should be stepping out in a standout overcoat. Michael B. Jordan should be your inspiration in this department, showing up exactly how the right kind of top layer can up your seasonal style credentials.

Our recommendation? Stay warm and stylish with this checked car coat from British brand Hackett.

Introducing the new style kings of 2019

Hackett Glencheck car coat


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The casual one: Brooklyn Beckham

We at Gentleman’s Journal believe the flannel shirt to be the perfect piece for transitional style. So, if you want to jump from the colder to warmer months with all the rugged charm and brash confidence of a lumberjack, follow Brooklyn Beckham. The young Brit is having something of a moment in menswear right now, so who better to guide you?

And, even if you’re not about to head off on safari, you can always look ready for adventure in this checked flannel shirt from Dunhill.

Introducing the new style kings of 2019

Dunhill checked flannel shirt


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The flamboyant one: Rami Malek

Awards Season gives us some of the finest threads we see all year — and king of the red carpet this year is Rami Malek. Our leading man, the Bohemian Rhapsody star is your go-to guide for alternative white tie. Here, he forgoes the tailcoat for a more practical dinner jacket. Some will shout sacrilege, but we’re right behind the move.

If you too want to update your formalwear, we suggest heading to Turnbull & Asser for their white marcella bow tie.

Introducing the new style kings of 2019

Turnbull & Asser white marcella bow tie


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The meticulous one: Aldis Hodge

When it comes to fashion, no detail is too small. Aldis Hodge, the intimidatingly-talented up-and-coming actor, knows this too well. And that’s why he doesn’t ignore his trouser game. Rather than opting for chinos or jeans like so many others, Hodge has perfected the bold check and statement trouser to kick you into gear with his fantastically fashionable legs.

New & Lingwood are your go-tos here, ensuring that you’ll never be accused of having boring trousers ever again.

Introducing the new style kings of 2019

New & Lingwood Julius check trousers


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The suave one: Richard Madden

Layers are important. Layers not only keep your warm, but are also the perfect way to build a unique look as you incorporate different brands to form your own style. Now he’s taking a break from bodyguarding, Richard Madden has stepped up his fashion game and is showing us exactly how a suede jacket can top off a look perfectly.

For some of the best layers — not to mention suede — in the world, head to Brunello Cucinelli. This jacket gives a casual finish to any look while still oozing sprezzatura.

Introducing the new style kings of 2019

Brunello Cucinelli unlined safari jacket


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The smart one: Charlie Heaton

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He’s a smart one, Charlie Heaton. The Stranger Things star may know the virtues of wearing a full three-piece suit, but he clearly knows to pay attention to each individual element of this classic look. The waistcoat is oft-overlooked, but Heaton has been championing the well-tailored mid-layer this year — and we’re very much on board.

So, if you’re looking to cut a sharp shape too, we suggest going for a Paul Smith waistcoat which will flatter almost any figure.

Introducing the new style kings of 2019

Paul Smith blue waistcoat


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The traditional one: Henry Golding

Some might call them out-dated, or a throwback to a boxy, bygone era, but the double-breasted suit is having a huge renaissance. Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding is the perfect clothes horse for this classic style, and you should try out the daring look.

Try out a modern version of this classic style from Brunello Cucinelli. This light grey number is part of a full suit — perfect for impressing on the red carpet or in the boardroom.

Introducing the new style kings of 2019

Brunello Cucinelli double breasted linen jacket


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The versatile one: Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson looks cool everywhere. And we put that down, chiefly, to his unequivocal mastery of the business casual look. Be it relaxed suiting, statement shirts or smart sneakers, Ronson’s style is music to our ears — and his choices of footwear should be inspiring your own look.

So, if you’re looking for some comfort while giving off strong creative vibes at work, what better option than a pair of Common Projects. Clean, minimal and simply chic.

Introducing the new style kings of 2019

Common Projects leather sneakers


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The critically-acclaimed one: Mahershala Ali

He may be cleaning up yet another Awards Season, but Mahershala Ali is also a style hero of ours. If you find yourself wearing the exact same thing every day, take a leaf out of Ali’s book and break up your look with some choice accessories — such as this beautifully-detailed silk scarf.

If you want to add a bit of flare to your next evening outfit, follow the Oscar winner to New & Lingwood where you can pick up this silk and cashmere number.

Introducing the new style kings of 2019

New & Lingwood olive silk scarf


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The regal one: Matt Smith

There’s a reason one of the world’s most famous checked patterns was named after a Royal. And, like Prince of Wales check, Matt Smith has an aristocratic background thanks to his role in The Crown. Here, he shows us how to take the pattern to new heights — and you should follow (checked) suit.

Channel the look with Hackett, and pick up this excellently-tailored Brown Glen Check blazer.

Introducing the new style kings of 2019

Hackett Glencheck blazer


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