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Dream destinations: Where we’re travelling after lockdown

From models and actors to explorers and entrepreneurs, we asked good friends of Gentleman’s Journal where they’ll be heading when lockdown lifts…

With an ever-brightening light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, we’re daring to dream here at Gentleman’s Journal. We’re shopping for new summer shorts, slipping on new sunglasses and we’ve even dusted off the old leather luggage set. International travel; it sure has been a while — and we’ve missed you greatly.

So, even though we’re easing back to normality — and nobody will be jetting off on world-wide adventures for at least another couple of months — we decided to indulge our furthest-flung fantasies and round-up some dream trips. And who better to ask where to travel than our good friends and contributors? From models and actors to explorers and entrepreneurs, here’s where the best in the business will be heading when lockdown finally lifts…

David Gandy will be booking a trip to the plains of Botswana


What we say: “It’s no surprise Gandy’s gone for Africa. The man looks right at home there. In fact, we shot the model’s Gentleman’s Journal cover story on the continent a couple of years ago. And why not? Botswana, in particular, is hiding some of the natural world’s most spectacular wonders within its borders — from the Okavango Delta of the Moremi Game Reserve to world’s largest wild population of elephants.”

What David says: “I suppose, when people ask me where I could want to be right now, anywhere in the world, I would always say on the African plain in Botswana. I’d be among the Big Five, with a gin and tonic sundowner. That’s always going to be my happy place. And, a few years back, I trekked for gorillas in Uganda. I’d love to go back — but this time with my wife and child.”

Levison Wood hopes to hide away in British Columbia

British Columbia

What we say: “It was always going to be an adventurous choice from Levison Wood. After all, the man barely even let this pesky pandemic stop him exploring. And British Columbia is an excellent choice. Defined by its Pacific coastline and mountain ranges, this windswept corner of Canada is beautiful in a rugged kind of way — and is the perfect place for Wood to further hone his skills as an outdoorsman.”

What Levison says: “I’m hoping to get to Western Canada. I’ve always wanted to visit Vancouver Island and British Columbia — perhaps hide away in a cabin on the beach for a couple of weeks. There’s something very alluring about the mountains, the fresh sea air, the fishing and the sheer scale of that part of the world — especially after having been cooped up in London for two months.”

Rafe Spall will be heading back into London


What we say: “Rafe Spall is one contented man. He seems so satisfied, in fact, that we think he may have cracked the meaning of life. And, true to form, when we asked him where he’d like to go — anywhere in the world — he plumped for good old London for a simple couple of drinks. We know, Rafe. We miss it too.”

What Rafe says: “I’ve been having a real hankering for the Greek Islands — to Dodecanese, the Ionian islands. But you know what? I miss London. I can’t wait to be two martinis down, with a table full of my best friends, trying to work out what we’re going to order. Because that, to me, is heaven. That is the apogee of civilisation. And I’ve missed that deeply. I’m going to make it my mission to single-handedly resuscitate the British hospitality industry.”

Richard Biedul wants to hole up in Vietri Sul Mare

Vietri Sul Mare

What we say: “There’s something so alluring about the Amalfi Coast. And there’s also something so Biedul about it, too. The model has joined us on the French Riviera several times, and we’re always catching him just gazing off across the ocean. So it came as no surprise that Biedul chose a European coastal getaway — even if we had never heard of this specific sleepy town.”

What Richard says: “The first place we will be visiting is Vietri Sul Mare, a small town on the Amalfi coast, near the province of Salerno. We were due to be getting married there this October. But, due to current circumstances, that’s had to be postponed. It’s on the same beautiful stretch of coast as Positano and Capri, but Vietri remains relatively untouched by the tourist trade.

“In the 15th Century, the town became the centre for ceramic production in the region and, as a result, the beautiful narrow cobblestone streets are adorned with tiled shop fronts and mosaics. The white washed buildings are packed with life and air is filled with the scent of locally grown lemons. For us, Vietri Sul Mare is much more than just a base from which to explore the Amalfi Coast; it is taste of the real Amalfi.”

Alessandro Squarzi will be jetting off to Pasadena


What we say: “Of course it had to do with style. After all, just look at the man. Squarzi is an Italian fashion icon of the highest ordinanza. Los Angeles may seem an odd choice — you’d imagine the slick European would turn up his tanned nose at brash American culture. But Pasadena’s most famous flea market is a perfect choice — as Squarzi explains below…”

What Alessandro says: “I’ll be in Los Angeles, at at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. That place always gives me the same feeling I had as a kid, when my father used to take me to the circus. The Rose Bowl is a place where I’m always curious to enter, because you never know what you’re going to find. If you’re lucky, you can track down old items with a great story behind them — and anything that has a story to tell will never go out of style.”

Henry Lloyd-Hughes is dreaming about the beaches of Bali


What we say: “Lloyd-Hughes, whether acting, fashion designing or parenting, seems to be pretty bloody good at anything he turns his hands to. He’s even a keen cricketer. So it follows that his escape, even one to the relaxing shores of Bali, would incorporate some sort of self-betterment. In this case; surfing lessons. And why not? Padang Padang, known as the ‘Balinese Pipeline’, is one of the best surf spots in the Indian Ocean.”

What Henry says: “Lockdown has definitely got me jonesing for far-flung locations. I’ve been thinking a lot about Bali, my wife and I were there for our honeymoon five years ago. I surfed for the first time, and unexpectedly found I was quite good at it. The whole island was quite magical. I’d love to go back and pick up where I left off with my surfing lessons! But, given that I’m currently at home looking after two small children, it’s a fantasy that’s definitely pie in the sky!”

Johannes Huebl wants to visit the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

What we say: “Like Squarzi above, Huebl is known for his indomitable style. But his approach to post-lockdown adventure follows a different tack to the Italian’s flea market getaway. Instead, Huebl is heading to the Amalfi Coast with Richard Biedul, on a culinary adventure. With some of the world’s finest fish cuisine — from pezzogne to blue fish to octopus — we can’t fault his choice.”

What Johannes says: “Once the lockdown has lifted and international travel is possible again, I can’t wait to go back to Italy. I miss the Amalfi Coast. I miss the smell and taste of zucchinis, tomatoes and burrata — and the crystal sparkle of the sea. I spent so much time as a child throughout Italy, that it has become a second, albeit imaginary, home.”

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