Filmmaker, perfectionist, businessman, obsessive — meet David Gandy 2.0

The world's most successful male model talks to Gentleman's Journal about his new career on the other side of the camera

The first thing to know about David Gandy is that he really cares about your pyjamas. Really cares.

You don’t get to become the world’s finest maker of eponymous undergarments and loungewear (you heard me, Calvin Klein) without putting in a little bit of legwork, after all. In the small hours of the morning, by the flickering light of his computer screen, David is trawling the feedback forms and comment sections of the David Gandy pyjama range, battling with sizing conundrums, ordering cashmere trousers under a pseudonym, putting his own work to the most exacting of tests.

“First and foremost, I’m a customer of every brand I work with.” he says. “You wouldn’t believe how involved I get.”

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