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Watch 100 years of the RAF’s airmen interviewed in Breitling’s ‘Aircraft Generations’

We speak to current and former RAF pilots who come from long lines of airmen and have all served with the RAF across the past century

Generational pilots can be hard to come buy, but once your family has the bug of taking to the sky, it can easily become a family tradition. And, when taking off in the service of your country, the passion can run even deeper — something we discovered recently upon speaking to current and former pilots of the RAF.

The bond shared by these men, their fathers and grandfathers, is immeasurable. And the RAF100 celebrations are important for each and every one of them — most notably, a young pilot who got the chance to fly in a similar Spitfire to that his grandfather flew during World War Two.

Soaring over English fields, it’s the latest incredible moment in the David Gandy-directed series of short films created in partnership to celebrate the centenary of our Air Force. Watch above.

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