This type of man is the most successful with women

Prepare to be surprised...

Women can be complicated characters – that much is true. It can often be hard to understand exactly what they want, when they want it; and whether you are the type of man they want to be taken on a date by. All women are different, and so – for the most part – their ‘types‘ change as well.

Now, a recent study has given us an answer – and it may surprise you. Apparently the most likely group of men to be successful in bed – beating out gym-goers and hipsters to the accolade – are gamers.

The study that came to these conclusions surveyed a group of woman, and initially asked them to sort their partners into one of eight different groups. From trend-setter, rocker, nerd and hipster to gym-goer, chav, dad and the triumphant gamer, once the categorising was done, the questions became more intimate.

The girlfriends or wives were then asked how many times a week they spent getting busy in bed with their partners, and the results were as follows: Gamers got it an average of 6 times a week; Hipsters 4 times; Chavs 4 times; Trend-setters 3 ; Nerds 3 ; Rockers just twice; Gym-goers once a week; and poor Dads just once a fortnight.

So, if your inner gamer is bubbling beneath the surface, but you’re worried it may look a little suspect to your partner, grab that controller, boot up your console and think again.

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