This is what women look for in men, according to science

You'll already know just how important first impressions are but understanding what she's actually looking at is a different thing

We already know what kind of jobs we should be in, how we can try and make ourselves more attractive and the right kind of body language that we should be using, but what is the number one element (plus a couple of side factors) that women look for in men and what’s the one defining factor that’s going to immediately help her make up her mind about you?

You’ll already know just how important first impressions are but understanding what she’s actually looking at is a different thing. According to Men’s Health, if you walk passed a woman on the street the first thing she notices is your eyes, followed by your smile, then your height and then your hands. Shallow, yes, but that’s before she’s got to know you – attractiveness isn’t the only thing that she looks for…

Your personality is probably the most important thing that a woman looks for when deciding if you’re a suitable partner, and a woman’s intuition can tell almost immediately whether you’re the right man for her. The first thing she notices? How altruistic you are. The way you walk, the way you engage with people on the street and the way you hold yourself are all defining factors that all attribute to proving your selflessness. And you never know who’s looking, gentlemen, so it’s time to step up your game.

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