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Step inside Tom Cruise’s colossal Colorado estate

After 30 years, the Hollywood icon's Colorado home has gone on the public market for the very first time. And we're inviting you inside...

After the socially-distanced year we’ve all had, you’d be forgiven for saying you never want to isolate again. And on the whole, we’d agree with you. But bear with us for a moment: because this colossal Colorado estate may give you cause to rethink.

This secluded luxury home is the last word in privacy. But there’s good reason for that, because this is an A-list home. Since its construction, and for the past 30 years, it has belonged to acting legend Tom Cruise — and now, managed by Sotheby’s, it has been listed on the public market for the very first time.

Image courtesy of Brett Shreckengost

Cruise bought the plot way back in 1994, and had the house custom-built to his exact specifications. And it certainly has the stamp of exclusivity: a mile-long driveway is guaranteed to build both expectation and excitement, while the mountain surroundings, trademark Colorado aspen trees and thick snow create an atmosphere of breathtaking natural beauty. And that’s before you’ve even pulled up at the house.

Once you’ve made it down the driveway, the house looks so natural in its setting that it could have sprung from the frosty Colorado soil itself. Perched on top of an escarpment, it has views so dramatic guests must feel like they’re in a film themselves. And, boasting 11,512 square feet (the property) and 320 acres (the grounds), the block-busting $39,500,000 price tag is earned — every snow-clad step of the way.

Image courtesy of Brett Shreckengost

Image courtesy of Joshua Johnson

The main house is the authentic aspen ski experience, with unprecedented levels of log-clad luxury. Decked out in native stone and bleached cedar timbers, the exterior presents both an undeniably impressive aesthetic and a warm refuge from the snow. Its sheer size — especially when positioned against that sweeping mountain backdrop — is grand and impressive, while the sloping roofs and stone chimneys promise warmth and cosiness in spades.

Upon stepping over the threshold, visitors’ expectations are met instantly. Think of the most luxurious ski lodge you’ve ever visited, and then triple those fur-rugged, fondue-drenched standards. It’s wood, wood, wood, as far as the eye can see; but not just any wood; expertly panelled walls and sleek, artfully designed vaulted ceilings.

Images courtesy of Joshua Johnson

It’s surprisingly light for a log-clad property. The generous windows allow for an influx of Colorado sunshine, and the lavishly proportioned rooms afford the place a general air of open-plan living. And there’s another benefit to those ample windows: picture-perfect panoramas every time you glance outside.

Cruise didn’t skimp on comfort, either. Skiers and outdoor adventurers will journey back from their outdoor activities at the end of the day and be greeted by an oasis of softly-lit warmth, with those windows glowing beacons of golden light in dark Colorado evenings. Enormous fireplaces, round stone walls and multiple cosy corners only add to the snugness, providing welcome, warming respite from even the harshest weather conditions.

Images courtesy of Joshua Johnson

And this comfort level continues upstairs. With seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, Cruise ensured no guest of his would ever have to queue for a shower. And, once his guests woke up refreshed from a blissful night’s sleep (a surety, after all that mountain air), the sun-kissed terrace must have proved the perfect spot for a morning cup of coffee.

Additionally, the property is mere minutes away from downtown Telluride, home to some of the best skiing in the world. And, if skiing isn’t quite daring enough for you, the estate also has its very own sports court, helipad, dirt-bike and snowmobile track — meaning any buyer could lead a life of action to rival Mr Cruise’s itself.

Images courtesy of Joshua Johnson

Never fear, though: the stunts aren’t compulsory. For those who’d rather not live life on the edge, the ranch is home to exclusive forested trails and mountainous terrain that’s a hiker’s paradise. The fun continues inside; that snooker table especially will have you shooting pool like Cruise in The Color of Money — and the dining table looks the perfect place for a post-game feast.

It’s safe to say that, by building this home, Cruise proved himself a talent in the real estate market as well as the film industry. The astonishing estate is the breathtaking result of many years planning, and is guaranteed to give its lucky buyer a taste of the A-list, luxury lifestyle. We take our hats off to Cruise and his vision: the man has created a magnificent mountain masterpiece.

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