Step inside Marlon Brando’s Hollywood Hills home

The Oscar-winning actor's Los Angeles home, poised above the Sunset Strip, has gone up for sale. Take a look inside...

A Streetcar Named Desire. The Godfather. Last Tango In Paris. Apocalypse Now. What do all of these seminal films have in common? They all star the late, great, iconic Marlon Brando. 

With two Academy Awards to his name and a trove of timeless, world-renowned films on his resumé, we can confidently describe Brando as ‘one of the greats’. In fact, Brando is still considered by many to be the greatest actor of the 20th century — or, indeed, of all time. But it’s not just his talent that intrigued millions. Fame on Brando’s level saw him scrutinised even behind locked doors, and caused him to develop an air of Hollywood mystery that prompts, to this day, the question: “Who was Marlon Brando?”

Thankfully, Brando’s Hollywood Hills home recently went up for sale — offering some key answers to those questions by finally opening the locked doors…

Currently for sale through Compass, this Los Angeles property is listed at $4.295 million. So, if you’ve ever pictured yourself reclining resplendently in splendour — among Hollywood icons past and present — this is your much-anticipated chance to do so. 

The address itself oozes with Hollywood glamour. It’s 8142 Laurel View Drive, Los Angeles (or ‘The Laurel View Residence’, to give it its proper title). And, as you may have guessed, the property is nestled right in the heart of the City of Angels itself. Poised just above the Sunset Strip (where else?), the house boasts 270-degree jetliner views of one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities in the world. And the lucky new home owner won’t just benefit from the bright night lights of Hollywood — they’ll also be blessed daily with permanently blue skies, dotted with palm trees.

But it’s not just the views that make the location a desirable spot on the property map. For the architecturally inclined (or, frankly, for anyone with an eye for taste), the house overlooks such famous properties as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Storer Residence, which dates back to 1923, and Charles Kyson’s 1925 De Witt House. Architecturally speaking, the new homeowner frankly couldn’t be in better company.

The home was designed in 1926 by renowned architect A.F. Leicht, and it calmly exudes the relaxed quality of 1920s Hollywood. It sits at 4,300 square feet, and isn’t lacking on grandeur — with dizzyingly vaulted ceilings, tiled floors that go on for miles and a sweeping staircase to take every new house guest’s breath clean away.

And Brando’s presence is palpable throughout. If walls really do have ears, then this particular property could tell you a thing or two. Take the living room, for example. This is the room where Brando’s famous photograph with his first Oscar in 1955 was taken. And if that’s not a tantalising slice of Hollywood history, we don’t know what is. 

Of course, in a property this size, the new buyer will likely be looking to entertain — and this historic house has them you covered for any number of glittering, Hollywood-style soirées. They’ll soon be able to fill the house with guests for sparkling cocktail parties — joined by the high-heel echoes of glamorous gatherings from decades past. If they listen especially hard, they’ll still be able to hear those Oscar night champagne flutes clinking…

Elsewhere, the kitchen is more than prepared for feasting, with sleek white cupboards and polished wooden worktops as far as the eye can see. The dining room, too, is just begging to be filled to its impressive capacity of 20 seated guests. 

And, with all those enormous windows, there’s certainly no danger of guests overheating during dinner. Speaking of comfort, the bedrooms are also a sight to behold. Four in total, the accommodation has epitomised that elusive combination of cosy, beckoning warmth and glamorous minimalism. 

The master suite, in particular, has such extraordinary views (and a ‘sun room’ annex) that there’s a real danger the new homeowner may lose track of time staring out over the Californian horizon.

The bathrooms (four and a half, if you were wondering), are also decadently decked out — with tiles as subtly green as the cacti springing from the garden. The entire house itself has a calming green hue to its sprawling outside, topped off with terracotta towers and burnt orange sun shades.  

It’s a home opulent enough for an Oscar winner — and it gives us a real insight into Brando’s life behind closed doors. Of course, the actor’s astonishing career and turbulent personal life provoked its fair share of controversy and confusion, but we now know at least one thing for certain: the man knew his real estate. 

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