This tailored personal training platform will change the way you work out

Always making excuses not to exercise? Discover the new industry-disrupting online personal training platform FITcademy which promises to work in your work-outs around even the busiest schedules

For the uninitiated, gyms can seem like unforgiving places. First up, there’s the confusing equipment — vast, multi-purpose machines that you’ve never properly been taught how to use. There’s the ill-timed classes — with everything from ‘Body Pumping’ to ‘Broga’ seemingly scheduled expressly to clash with your morning meetings. And then there’s your fellow gym-goers — pumped-up powerhouses who spend their sessions rushing you through sets with their hard, harrying stares.

Surely there’s an easier way? Well, there is — and you can be sure we’ve found it. FITcademy is a new industry-disrupting online personal training platform founded by Tom Cleminson and partner Paddy Colman, and it promises to transform not only your body, but also the way you approach exercise altogether.

Putting clients back in the driving seat, FITcademy have pulled, pushed and pumped up onto the scene with a new high-end service; goal-focused personal programs that professional trainers can tailor for everyone, from complete beginners to elite athletes.

So forget your gym worries — for these trainers will be with you every step of the way, take things at your own pace, and schedule in sessions to make the timings work for you. And all for just £9 per month — that’s less than the price of an Espresso Martini…

From support chats to bespoke nutrition programs, FITcademy have it figured out

If there’s one way in which FITcademy have particularly impressed us — and got themselves a place in the Gentleman’s Journal Clubhouse — it’s with their 360-degree approach to exercise. Unlike some other personal training platforms, their support doesn’t dissipate the moment you leave the gym. Instead, the trainers and support staff are on hand to guide you through a healthier life 24/7.

At its core, FITcademy may be about the personalised training programs — exercise regimes written to fit member’s experience, availability and goals — but this is only the beginning. You’ll also tuck into bespoke nutrition packages, use a calorie calculator to work out your own macros and have access to the Helpdesk if you need a support chat with a trainer.

Members will benefit from a growing library of video content; visual learning experiences to engage you and help you understand misunderstood exercises or other elements of fitness. You can even request content on a new topic using FITcademy’s ‘Learn’ section.

This tailored personal training platform will change the way you work out

But perhaps the most exciting part of the new platform is its social approach to exercise. No more will you be bullied off machines by those powerhouses mentioned above. With FITcademy, you’ll be inducted into a community of like-minded individuals — wherein you can find a trainer partner in your area to share recipe ideas and workouts with.

Gentleman's Journal X FITcademy 12-week transformation

We teamed up with FITcademy to test out the brand new platform, embarking on an ambitious 12-week body transformation program — and are now pleased to announce that Gentleman’s Journal Clubhouse members can enjoy 15% Premium Packages. And the brand don’t do things by half. FITcademy have teamed up with Nike as a clothing partner and the Master & Dynamic True Wireless earphones to motivate us through even the toughest of workouts. We’ll also be using Apple Watch Series 4 to track our results and workouts and stoke a level of healthy competition in the office.

The Key to Food is also keeping us ticking over tastily, highlighting how important the nutritional element is to our body transformations — and Form Nutrition’s supplements, including Protein Performance, Boost, Edge and ZZZZs, are minimising our recovery times and promoting lean muscle mass growth.

Clearly, there are no more extensive, exclusive and exciting training programs currently to be found in London. So if you, like us, are serious about body transformation — and living a healthier life — who better to turn to for an entirely tailored, completely flexible exercise program than FITcademy?

This tailored personal training platform will change the way you work out


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