These are the best beard trimmers to style your stubble

From gold-plated trimmers to laser-guided razors, here are the best grooming tools to tame your facial hair this summer

Last year, the scruffy beard was part of our official spring/summer uniform. A bushy, blasé accompaniment to our warm weather wardrobes, weren’t we all proud of teasing out our facial fuzz over our Hawaiian shirts and colourful suits?

But 2020 – in all its locked-down, self-isolated style – has had a neatening effect on our grooming routines. Our loud shirts have been silenced, with Cuban collars instead taking centre stage — and our fashion cues are increasingly being borrowed from the restrained sprezzatura of Italians. And our beards, being one of the few things we have any control over right now, demand to be trimmed to razor-sharp precision.

Recently, we asked a royal-warranted barber how to maintain the perfect stubble, and one of his firmest pieces of advice was to invest in the best equipment for the job. So, before you pare back your beard for the new season, brush up on the best tools for the trim.

To keep your beard line in check, the Braun BT5060

Braun BT5060

We’ve all got time to run a trimmer over our faces in the morning, but it’s the attention to detail that really separates the well-groomed men from the unkempt boys.

This means it isn’t enough to trim, but you have to sculpt; edging your beard with a razor for full definition. Braun’s latest isn’t only afforded precision with its handy dial, but also comes boxed with a Gillette Fusion 5 ProGlide razor — for that perfect, finely defined finish.

To keep any mess to a minimum, the Philips Series 7000

Philips Series 7000

Now this is a game-changer. Dutch brand Philips really knows how to style a beard — this dynamically designed Series 7000 trimmer uses pioneering vacuum technology to actually catch your hair as you trim it.

And that’s not the only innovation. This trimmer also has self-sharpening double-sharpened blades, to ensure you save time on the cut as well as the clean-up.

For a simple shave and style, the Remington MB010 Durablade

Remington MB010 Durablade

Remington’s Durablade is a masterclass is grooming simplicity. With three different stubble combs included, you can alter your beard to an almost imperceptible degree; trimming your hairs to any length and achieving any style you may want.

What’s more, it’s one of the smallest razors on this list — making it ideal for any jet-setting gentlemen on summer getaways.

Remington MB010 Durablade

Remington MB010 Durablade


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For unrivalled decadence (and charge time), the Wahl 100 Year Anniversary

Wahl 100 Year Anniversary

You thought the laser was a lot? How about a 18K gold-plated beard trimmer? Created to celebrate 100 years of American brand Wahl, this grooming gadget’s use of precious metal is, amazingly, not even its most impressive feature.

Instead, Wahl’s offering wins our plaudits thanks to its lithium ion technology — which facilitates a staggering four months of trim time on a single charge.

Wahl 100 Year Anniversary

Wahl 100 Year Anniversary


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For creative control over beard length, the BaByliss for Men XTP

BaByliss for Men XTP

There’s something about an über-precise LED display that gives us innate trust in our grooming gadgets. And this, from BaByliss for Men, is no different.

With 15 ultra-precise motorised length settings, this trimmer will get everything from short shadow to a longer length perfect every time. We’re also particularly taken by the advanced floating contouring head — making this the ideal investment for those prone to nicking themselves.

For a reliable in-shower shave, the Panasonic ER-GB40-S

Panasonic ER-GB40-S

Of course, there are those mornings — mis-set alarms and late nights to blame — when we roll out of bed and couldn’t care less about our beards.

Thankfully, Panasonic’s showerproof all-purpose grooming tool, the snappily named ER-GB40-S, is on hand to resolve your stubbly woes. Simply take it into the shower, glide easily between its 19 trim settings and you’ll be presentable before you can say ‘5 o’clock shadow’.

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