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These luxurious hire cars will make you the envy of your travel companions

Prestige car booking platform Vroomerz is offering drivers a new way to upgrade your wheels during your travels

We’ve all been there. Your holiday has hardly started, you’re looking forward to cruising through the Tuscan countryside or Alpine passes, and you’re excited to pick up your hire car. But, upon arriving at your wheels, you discover that they were seemingly out of low-slung convertible cruisers — and somehow you’ve been lumped with a poky, powerless hatchback.

"You’re looking forward to cruising through the Tuscan countryside or Alpine passes..."

No more. Speeding onto the scene to save your next European escape comes Vroomerz, the world’s first luxury car rental booking platform and a brand that we’ve very much been waiting for. From Bentleys to Aston Martins, Vroomerz offer top class cars, guaranteed models and a huge delivery radius.

But the real reason you want to book through the brand is so you can see your travel companions’ faces when you step off the plane and see your supercar. So allow us to present 3 of the best, where to get them, and how much they’ll set you back…

For an authentic Italian experience, the Ferrari 488 Spider

There’s nothing so Italian as a Ferrari, so what better car to jump behind the wheel of when you touch down in Rome? Or, thanks to Vroomerz’ handy delivery service — anywhere in a 1,500 kilometre radius. That means, whether you’re soaking up beer in Brussels or culture in Athens, they can crawl this particular Spider straight to you.

Main Location: Rome, Italy, Delivery anywhere within: 1500km, Top speed: 325km per hour, Price for 1 day: £1,012

To turn heads all over Europe, the Lamborghini Huracan Spider

It’s named for the wildest of winds, and we’re positive that there are few cars that can whip up a storm quite like the Lamborghini Huracan. This particular supercar lives in the Riviera hotspot of Cannes and 200 kilometres a day are included in the price.

All you have to do is reserve, complete web check-in 3 days before the rental starts and then enjoy your trip. In a car like this, that shouldn’t be too much of an ask…

Main Location: Cannes, Frances, Delivery anywhere within: 1,000km, Top speed: 320km per hour, Price for 1 day: £1,916

To traverse all terrains in luxury, the Mercedes GLS

We all know Barcelona for its beaches. But, if you’ve never been to the capital of Catalonia, you may not know how close it is to the Serra de Collserola mountain range. Simply put, it’s hillier than you may think — and Vroomerz have just the car for you.

Mercedes’ celebrated GLS will give you the clearance and cache you need to explore — and with a 1,200km delivery range, why not explore the Alps or Dolomites as well?

Main Location: Barcelona, Spain, Delivery anywhere within: 1,200km, Top speed: 220km per hour, Price for 1 day: £741

To learn more about Vroomerz, and explore their full range of rental vehicles, click here…

For a taste of German engineering in the heart of Italy, the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG S

When the Italians ruled the world, they were famed for their straight roads. But, get behind the wheel of this Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG S, and you’ll want as many tight corners and thrilling bends thrown at you as possible.

It’s the perfect choice for a globe-trotting businessman. Rather than stepping off your flight and into a budget hire car, give the best impression as you pull into your meeting. And, when you’re done brokering deals and talking business, take it up onto Alpine passes, where we’re sure you’ll find some of those elusive winding roads…

Main Location: Milan, Italy, Delivery anywhere within: 1,200km, Top speed: 250km per hour, Price for 1 day: £638

To learn more, visit Vroomerz here…

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