These are the prints every aspiring entrepreneur should own

Surround yourself with inspiration, thanks to these fine photography prints of iconic individuals and entrepreneurs...

We’ve all been there. It’s 4:00pm. You’ve been at your desk since 7:00am, and you’ve hit a wall. The eighth cup of coffee hasn’t had the effect you were hoping. You always knew running your own business wasn’t going to be easy; but finding the drive to carry on at this moment is proving difficult, to say the least. But we’ve got just the tonic for the afternoon slump: what you need is art.

Yes, you read that correctly: art. But not just any old art. A Manet may be lovely, but it’s not going to get those spreadsheets finished. What this situation calls for is a fine art print: one that brings to mind history’s greatest entrepreneurs. Because if the figures of Steve Jobs, Gianni Agnelli and Aristotle Onassis looming over your home office can’t inspire you to get those proposals written, nothing will. So here are the prints every entrepreneur needs to keep that creativity, drive and motivation going…

Gianni Agnelli

The director and chairman of Fiat was one seriously inspirational business leader. In fact, so impressive was his entrepreneurial nous that he became the richest man in modern Italian history. He was also a pretty stylish gent to boot; so this classic limited edition print will not only provide you with business drive, but it will remind you of the importance of a great suit, too.

Gianni Agnelli Framed Print


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Aristotle Onassis

Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis was one of the most famous — and one of the richest — businessmen of the 20th century. He was also famed for his yacht, Christina O, which famously featured bar stools upholstered in whale skin. Pictured here upon his floating palace, this image of Onassis is the perfect depiction of the luxuries to which business success can lead. Keep ploughing on with those spreadsheets, gents; if Onassis is anything to go by, it’ll be worth it in the end.

Aristotle Onassis On Yacht Art Print


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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

One iconic entrepreneur not going to cut it? Then perhaps these two tech titans will do the job. Pictured at Steve Jobs’ home in Mountain View, California in 1991, this image was shot by photographer George Lange for the cover of Fortune magazine; and it remains an excellent reminder of what can be achieved with a little bit of talent and a lot of hard work.

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates Framed Print


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Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari may have started life as a racing driver; but, as the founder of the eponymous car marque, he has a pretty stellar track record when it comes to business, too. This print — taken by Thomas D. McAvoy outside the Ferrari factory in 1956 — is the perfect choice for budding businessmen with a passion for supercars.

Enzo Ferrari At His Factory Framed Print


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Richard Branson

If there was ever a photograph which captured the joys of business success, it’s this one: taken as Richard Branson inaugurated Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1984. True, Branson’s public image may have hit some stumbling blocks recently; but that doesn’t negate from his undeniable entrepreneurial triumphs (or his penchant for visually impressive publicity stunts). It’s this moment you’re striving for: the late nights and hard work will be worth it. We promise.

Richard Branson Framed Print


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Henry Ford

As a representation of what one person can achieve, this image of the original automotive entrepreneur, Henry Ford, is nothing short of striking. Taken on 4 June 1924, it shows Ford standing between the first Ford quadricycle and the ten millionth Ford Model T. Think your business idea might just change the world? Hang this print above your desk, and you’ll be reminded of that every day.

Henry Ford Framed Print


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