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10 things every gentleman should have in his home office

Set up with these top ten pieces and there'll be no stopping you

ewan mcgregor sitting at his desk drinking coffee

Simply having a home office isn’t enough. To prosper, you need a base of operations to rival those in the most well-equipped city towers.

In decoration and technology, you tell people who you are and how serious you are about work – whether you are a gentleman, or merely playing at it. So, this means no cliché artwork hanging behind your desk, no outdated tech and no using an old make up table in lieu of a desk. To avoid such errors, listen up, and check off the top ten items every man’s home office should contain.

A 'knockout' room diffuser

With smell being among the primary human senses, it’s crucial that the scent of your workspace gears you up and sets an impressive and confident tone for anyone who may enter. There should be no cheap or sickly sweet fragrances here – only the full and masculine scents will do.

Top lighting

It goes without saying that lighting is important. To keep things feeling fresh and well-lit, why not invest in an attractive desk lamp. This is an opportunity to introduce an element of charm to your workspace, so choose something that serves as piece of visual furniture and will break up the room.

A striking desk accessory

Without an eye-catching miscellaneous object sitting atop your desk, your home office will lack personality – making it look like, by extension, so do you. Try a statement clock as, despite all smartphones telling the time, as well as your computer and smartwatch, sometimes it’s pleasing to return to old school analogue.

An executive chair

As you spend at least half of your life working, you need the sturdy comfort of a quality chair. Choose something that looks as luxurious as it is comfortable. Many a businessman is judged by the standard of his seating – so invest well.

A top notch coffee machine

As a successful self-starter, you’ll need caffeine to keep yourself on top form. But step away from the instant coffee, and buy a proper machine – something that looks just as good as the coffee it produces tastes.

Quality headphones

Whether you need to get into the work zone, or escape for a while, only the most aurally satisfying and comfortable headsets will do. Remember, a gentleman would never abide tinny music.

The ultimate desk

This is the crowning glory of your office, the object that will define your business personality from the perspective of those who enter your workspace. So make sure it is bold, but in-keeping with its chic surroundings.

The best cushion money can buy

Just because you are a successful and independent business owner, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need support and comfort. Choosing the right cushion takes time, so make sure that it not only complements your office, but is comfortable also.


A gentleman's game

Your workspace should be somewhere to unwind and relax as well as a place of hard graft. If you don’t stock your space with a charming game to play and unwind, you may as well be working a corporate 9-5er in a characterless office. You know what they say about all work and no play…

A luxury drinks tray

Your clients and your friends will appreciate this charismatic touch to your office décor. Whether you have closed a deal, signed a client, or have come to the end of a hardworking day, something from ‘the trolley’ is always a good idea.


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