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These are the cars to look out for at the 2020 London Concours

From a celebration of all things Lamborghini to one of the finest collections of Ferrari Dinos, this year's automotive garden party will be the best yet

Can you count the number of motoring events that 2020 has put a stop to? We can’t. From the magnificent Mille Miglia to much of the world’s premier motorsport, lockdowns and quarantines have put paid to some of the best four-wheel functions we had marked in our calendars. They stalled, they spluttered and they stopped.

So how thankful we are, then, to see the London Concours coming majestically into view. Well-polished, good-looking and eagerly anticipated, Gentleman’s Journal is proud to be a partner of this illustrious August event — where 80 of the world’s most precious cars gather in the gardens of the historic and beautiful Honourable Artillery Company Headquarters for an automotive garden party in the heart of the city.

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From Wednesday 19th to Thursday 20th August, you’ll find us strolling around these gardens — surveying some of the most ferocious and covetable cars to ever grace our roads. And, if you’re also considering jump-starting your 2020 motoring calendar, this’ll ensure you do it in style. Here are some of the best cars to look out for…

There’ll be a well-deserved spotlight shone on Lamborghini

Every year, you’ll find an exuberant exploration of a great carmaker at the London Concours. This time, it’s the well-waited turn of Lamborghini; the fiery Italian automaker who is still shaping supercar design today. The history is simple; founder Ferruccio Lamborghini liked Ferraris, but he wanted something more beautiful and more practical.

As we know, his dogged engineering team succeeded — and then some. This year on the Great Marques stand, expect classic Lamborghinis, such as the Miura, Countach, Diablo, as well as modern performance legends — such as the Aventador SVJ.

Expect a celebration of the Ferrari Dino

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But Ferrari are never ones to be overshadowed — even at the London Concours. So, while Lamborghini is trumpeting its own importance at the Great Marques stand, there’ll be a stellar line-up of classic Dinos for you to cast your eyes over on the other side of the gardens.

The Dino, of course, was named after Enzo’s beloved son. Ferrari’s founder decided to honour Dino with a model powered by a brand new V6 engine, and the car has become one of the most storied supercars in the Prancing Horse’s history. There will be a unique collection of Dinos on show at the London Concours in August — with each and every one displayed in an original factory colour.

The Best in Show 2019 returns

Last year, only one car was going to win ‘Best in Show’. Every Jaguar C-Type ever made, 1950s racing cars built by the British carmaker, was special in its own right — but the example that rolled up to the 2019 London Concours was something else.

In pastel green, this is a car that appeared at the Monaco Grand Prix, driven by Tommy Wisdom, and later by Stirling Moss, who drove it for much of his 1952 season. It even raced the 1953 Mille Miglia — and will be making a return to the London Concours in August, in that race’s livery, where it will be showcased on a special rotating stage.

The Era of the Hypercar will not be forgotten

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Now, we know there are still hypercars in production — some of which still truly blow our socks off. But there’s nothing as spine-tingling and head-turning as those early days; the old guard of Ferrari, Ford, Porsche and McLarens. This year, a stand at the London Concours will pay tribute to the hypercar as a whole — bringing together different brands and manufacturers in a celebration of speed, design and excess.

Of course, there’ll also be appearances by more modern manufacturers, including the ever jaw-dropping Pagani and Koenigsegg — brands who have taken the hypercar torch and are speeding it into the future.

Many forgotten marques will be rightfully remembered

Which brings us neatly to our final must-see stand of the 2020 London Concours. Lost Marques will be a celebration of those rare and sought-after cars that have rolled, somewhat sadly, out of mainstream motoring consciousness. From DeLorean and Jensen to De Tomaso and Frazer-Nash, this will be a journey through the lost chapters of carmaking.

And it won’t all be hypercars and prototypes — Rover will make an appearance, as will the see-it-to-believe-it Amphicar. It’s just another of the excellent offerings on show at this year’s event — and another way London Concours will begin to atone for this lost year of motoring.

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