These are the best luxury gifts to surprise your girlfriend with

Looking to bring a smile to your girlfriend's face? Look no further — we've rounded up the best luxury gifts to make her day.

Whether you’ve been locked down together throughout the past year, or whether you’ve managed to keep a long-distance, no-contact relationship going (in which case, we take our hat off to you): we’d hazard a guess that a luxurious surprise might be in order for the love of your life.

Surprises have been thin on the ground over the past year. Restaurants? A frequent no-go. Whirlwind day trips? Scant opportunity, at best. Holidays of a lifetime? Let’s not make jokes. So, gents, we’d imagine it’s about time to inject a little luxury into your relationship. Make her feel as special as we know you think she is — and make her entire week while you’re at it.

Spritz up the romance with Creed's Acqua Fiorentina

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: there really is nothing like perfume when it comes to making her day. It ticks all the boxes for the perfect surprise; it’s luxurious, thoughtful and a joy both to receive and to use. Frankly, you couldn’t do better — and when it comes to the perfume itself, you couldn’t do better than Creed.

Creed’s Acqua Fiorentina is fruity, floral and as fresh as can be. With notes of top notes of delectable plum and apple and a rich heart of lemon, rose and white carnations, this is a scent sure to send your partner into paroxysms of fragrance-induced delight. If you’re looking to surprise your girlfriend, we’re confident this sublime bottle will most certainly do the trick.

Creed Acqua Fiorentina


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Make her jaw drop with Chopard’s Happy Hearts Bangle

Have you seen Chopard’s Happy Sport collection? It’s a celebration of joy and diamonds, in equal measure — with Julia Roberts, no less, as the face — that unites big-hearted women around the world. We have no doubt the love of your life is as big-hearted as the best of them; and so if you’re looking to surprise her with a gift that sparkles in both aesthetics and spirit, you need look no further.

The Happy Hearts bangle fuses rose gold, diamond and mother-of-pearl together in one intricate, exquisite piece of jewellery. Its delicacy and subtlety make it the ideal gift; it’s beautiful but not ostentatious; breathtaking without any hint of the garish. In short, it’s the gift of a lifetime: she’d be a lucky woman, indeed.

Chopard Happy Hearts Bangle


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Create a happy home with this Floris Sandalwood & Patchouli Scented Candle

There’s a reason candles are often thought of, when it comes to gifts: simply, they make excellent gifts. But we’d always caution against just choosing any candle. Candles are not synonymous with each other; each candle brings something new to the table (quite literally, if it’s destined to grace the dining table). If you’re thinking of gifting a candle to your partner, we’re cheering you on: but allow us to suggest the perfect gift-worthy candle to make the moment as special as it can be.

Floris have (yet again) delivered the candle-oriented goods, with their Sandalwood and Patchouli scented offering. This exotic blend smells nothing short of divine; and its uniquely distinctive character comes in the form of an earthy vetiver hint, with musk and soft weed vanilla bringing lingering woody tones to this sublime gift.

Floris Candle


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Show you care with an Aspinal of London Mayfair Bag

The old adage is true, gents: women truly can’t ever have too many bags. No matter how many bags your girlfriend already has, we’d bet good money that she’d always welcome another. But, as always, we’d caution against dashing to the nearest high-street store and bagging the first leather offering you can find.

Choosing the right bag takes time, care and thought — but we can give you a slight shortcut in that department. Aspinal of London’s Mayfair Collection is pure, divine luxury stitched up into myriad exquisite products — and their taupe patent croc Mayfair Bag is one of our favourites. The colour is versatile, and lends itself perfectly for pairing with almost any other colour — and aesthetically speaking, it’s about as breathtaking as a bag can be.

Aspinal of London Mayfair Bag


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Celebrate in style with Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV

Put simply, you can’t go wrong with champagne. Champagne suggests you care; it’s symbolic of going the extra mile, and it has that celebratory element that really emphasises how much you love her, and want to celebrate how happy you are with her.

When it comes to champagne, Louis Roederer really does take first prize every time. This particular Brut Premier is both dry and bubbly, with a long aftertaste that lingers delightfully on the palate. Expertly bridging champagne and fine wine, the hints of citrus, oak and spice will make this divine bottle the star of the show on any Friday night (or, indeed, any Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday night…you get the idea).

Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV


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But why stop there? Champagne traditionally pairs well with chocolate...

If you’re opting for champagne, why not go for broke and throw chocolates into the mix, as well? Assuming she’s not vegan, chocolates rarely tend to go amiss in the gifting department; especially when paired with a bottle of Louis Roederer champagne.

If you’re really looking to introduce the surprise element, though, the local supermarket bar of chocolate just isn’t going to cut it on this occasion. But don’t despair; Hotel Chocolat got the surprise memo, and their Signature Cabinet boasts 147 mouthwatering chocolate offerings. This is chocolate at its most celebratory; and the best part is, you’ll get to enjoy the surprise as well. (Always assuming she lets you share, of course — looking at that hamper, we wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t.)

Hotel Chocolat Signature Cabinet


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Try something a little different, with this Ettinger X Rory Dobner Notebook

Of course, you may be looking for something entirely different. Something that’s not often associated with romantic surprises; but which will constitute the perfect romantic surprise, nonetheless. In which case, we’d put good odds on the success of the perfect notebook.

Notebooks are among the real gems of the gifting world. They suggest thoughtfulness and consideration on the part of the gifter, and they can play host to the deepest thoughts or most exciting plans on the part of the giftee. Ettinger’s Rory Dobner notebook is a beautiful limited edition offering: with Ettinger’s waxy cowhide exterior and unique illustrations from renowned artist Rory Dobner on the inside, it’s the perfect way to say you love her.

Plus, if you want to actually say you love her, you could always inscribe a heartfelt message on the first page. Such is the power of notebooks. Just make sure you write it neatly, and be sure to use a nice pen; she’ll hopefully keep the notebook forever, after all.

Ettinger X Rory Dobner Notebook


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