7 of the best coffee machines on the market

Feast your eyes on some of the most incredible machines on the market

The pieces and products that a gentleman has in his bachelor pad are of the utmost importance. Do they scream exclusivity and taste? Are they the finest you could possibly get your hands on? Make sure you’re always investing in the best of the best – starting with one of these – and begin your day the caffeinated way.

Elektra Micro Casa Leva S1

The intricate design and signature lever feature is what has made the Elektra coffee machine the ‘Micro Casa Leva’ for so many years. Modelled according to the oldest tradition of espresso machines, this one comes in three versions: Chrome, Brass and Chrome, and Copper Brass. Put yourself in charge of your cappuccino, with the finest Italian-made machine ideal only for the most worthy of home baristas.

Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

Just grind your beans and initiate the brew with the ideal water-grounds ratio technology revolutionised by Ratio Eight. Water-made with precision-machined aluminium, borosilicate glass, and a premium selection of hardwoods, this design will elevate your kitchen space for years to come.

Theresia Victoria Arduino

Made entirely of Supermirror stainless steel, the Theresia espresso machine was designed to resemble a diamond, and its interior functions shine even brighter. It can stabilise temperature with its revolutionary T3 technology by allowing users to set three temperatures for brewing, water infusion, and steam. Theresia encompasses many facets of luxury.

The Barisieur

Cure your Monday blues and start the day right by waking up to the Barisieur all in one alarm clock and coffee machine. Designed with high end materials, waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee has never been made easier. The coffee and tea is used as a natural aromatic relaxant allowing you to sleep through the night while stimulating your morning awakening.

The La Pavoni Professional

The La Pavoni Professional model is a coffee machine revealing the best in terms of technology and performance. Made from valuable materials and covered entirely in pure-gold plate, it will be the new focal point of your kitchen counter top, guaranteeing frothy cappuccinos and creamy espressos.

Rocket R58 V2

The lever operated Rocket R58 V2 dual boiler stabilises temperature through separate insulated brass boilers that allows for simultaneous espresso brewing and steaming of milk. Handmade in Milan, this machine comes first in efficiency and style.

Bugatti Diva Espresso

You will have no difficulty finding a space for Bugatti’s Diva Espresso in your kitchen. This machine can use fresh packed grounds or pods, and pulls two shots at a time. With the attached steam wand for frothing milk, the different drinks to serve up are endless.

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