best deodorants for men

These are the best deodorants for men

It may be an essential - but that doesn’t mean any old stick will do

Deodorant. Chances are it’s not something you’ve given a huge amount of thought to. In fact, you wouldn’t be alone if you just stick whatever happens to be on offer in your basket when you’re doing your weekly shop. Which is strange when you think about it. You spend so much time agonising over and researching the best face washes, moisturisers and beard oils – so why pay so little attention to a product you apply every day?

Like a good wardrobe, a good grooming routine is built on great foundations – and that includes deodorant. And there are more options out there than you think. From hydrating roll-ons to underrated creams and sport-focused sprays, these are the best deodorants for men.

The best roll-on deodorants

A hugely popular option, roll-on deodorants are highly effective thanks to their application directly to the skin. However, cheaper options can often have a drying, irritating effect thanks to cheaper ingredients and less-than-environmentally-friendly chemicals. Not so with Le Labo’s offering which is free from all the nasties often found in anti-perspirants. Instead a blend of glycerin, Vitamin E and mineral salts provide a soothing base for a sophisticated scent of bergamot, lavender, violet and tonka bean.

Always struggled to find a balance between needing powerful protection while having sensitive skin? Vichy has you covered with its gentle Extreme-Control offering boasting anti-perspirant oligo-zinc for 72-hour protection while being free from parabens, alcohol and perfume. Similarly, La Roche-Posay’s workhouse product contains odour neutralising zinc gluconate and absorbent perlite for reliable everyday protection.

le labo doedorant

Le Labo roll-on deodorant


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vichy deodorant

Vichy Homme Extreme-Contiol anti-perspirant roll-on


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la roche posay deodorant

La Roche-Posay Physiological roll-on deodorant


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The best spray deodorants

Okay, spray deodorants aren’t known for their environmental credentials so we wouldn’t recommend making them your first choice of anti-perspirant. However, they are ideal for those times when you need a quick top-up during the day and are an essential for your gym bag. Acqua di Parma’s non-marking formula is ideal thanks to its effective 24-hour formula and refreshing scent of bergamot, mugwort and white musk.

Specifically formulated for powerful protection during exercise, Bamford Grooming Department’s travel-size product slips easily into gym bags and backpacks and is blended with antibacterial tea tree leaf extract, sweet orange and anti-inflammatory patchouli. And, if sustainability concerns are top of your priority list, Aesop’s all natural approach to spray deodorant is just the thing. Harnessing the refreshing, soothing and anti-perspiration properties of 11 essential oils, including eucalyptus and tea tree, its completely guilt-free.

acqua di parma deodorant

Acqua di Parma Colonia deodorant spray


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bamford deodorant

Bamford Grooming Department Spirt deodorant


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The best stick deodorants

Like a good roll-on deodorant, the proximity of stick deodorants to the skin make them highly effective anti-perspirants while their thicker, balm-like consistency means that, choose the right one, and you’ve got a sweet-selling, moisturising product on your hands. And, while it can be easy to pass over offerings from fragrance brands, this is a mistake. Yes, the star attribute of Floris’ Cefiro deodorant is its delightfully fresh fragrance of lemon, lime, cardamom and jasmine – but it also contains Vitamin E to protect the skin.

Traditional skincare brand D R Harris, meanwhile, has infused its alcohol-free formula with a light scent of citrus, black pepper and vetiver ideal for sensitive skin and, while Susanne Kaufmann’s mineral-based formula may be on the pricey side, if you’re after an effective natural deodorant, there are few better options.

floris deodorant

Floris Cefiro deodorant stick


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d r harris deodorant

D R Harris Windsor deodorant stick


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susanne kaufmann deodorant

Susanne Kaufmann Line M deodorant stick


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The best deodorant creams

Never tried a deodorant cream? It’s time you gave one a whirl because, just like the balms you apply to your face and hands, these formulas possess all the hydrating, soothing properties of good skincare – alongside being great anti-perspirants. Take Kiehl’s self-proclaimed Superbly Efficient offering, for example. A base of anti-perspirant ingredients is blended with purifying witch hazel and softening orange, lemon and linseed extract to offer 24-hour protection.

Or try Anthony’s offering which, formulated specifically for men, contains tapioca starch to absorb sweat alongside refreshing aloe vera and nourishing Vitamin E and glycerine. With a powder-like finish, it’s so gentle it can be used anywhere. Likewise, Akt’s vegan and cruelty-free formula contains the brand’s patented Deo-Barrier Complex for all-day protection. There’s also moisturising shea butter and calendula oil and the inviting scent of neroli, mandarin, juniper and petitgrain.

kiehls deodorant

Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant Cream


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anthony deodorant

Anthony’s No Sweat Body Defense


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