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These beard oils will untangle your grooming routine

From wood-scented offerings to hybrid shave oils, these high-glide, skin-nourishing formulas will ensure your beard upkeep runs smoothly

Here comes autumn. The morning mists. The browning leaves. The plunging temperatures. And, with these seasonal shifts come the cable knit jumpers, the rugged boots and — for many men — a thick, full beard.

Admittedly, the beard boom has been somewhat combed into submission in recent years. But, for those men still persevering with facial fuzz, beard upkeep remains the cornerstone of their grooming routine. After all, there are few things worse than prickly, unkempt bristles on a cold, scratchy day.

Thankfully, beard oils offer an easy, effective way to keep your facial hair in check. Softening your beard, nourishing your skin and preventing any irritation, these oils also imbue your facial hair with pleasant scents — and make them easier to style. So, whether you’re looking for a manly scent or something fresh, we’ve got just the oils for you.

Go full lumberjack with a woody scent

You’ve got the beard — and probably the checked flannel shirt — so why not cap off your whole ‘lumberjack’ look with a beardful of woody goodness? These traditionally masculine scents are earthy, wholesome and will ensure the faint aroma of oud wafts from your beard all day. Now all you need are some thick braces, a big axe, and a return ticket to Canada’s fir forests.

From Kiehl’s, this nourishing oil will not only get you in the outdoorsman spirit, but also uses salicylic acid to remove any dry dead skin cells from your beard. Tom Ford’s Oud Wood Conditioning Oil is blended with softening vitamin E, almond and grapeseed oils to keep your hair fluffy, and Percy Nobleman’s thicker, heavier formula promises itch relief for the coarsest of beards.

These beard oils will untangle your grooming routine

Kiehl’s Nourishing Beard Oil


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These beard oils will untangle your grooming routine

Tom Ford Oud Wood Beard Oil


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These beard oils will untangle your grooming routine

Percy Nobleman Premium Beard Oil


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Challenge the anti-beard brigade with a fresh scent

There are people, would you believe, who don’t believe in beards. These down-on-beard detractors claim facial hair is unseemly, unhygienic and generally a bit grim. But fustiness and mustiness aside, all a man must do to keep his beard in sparkling condition is apply a little fresh oil every morning after thoroughly shampooing it.

And these are the ideal oils with which to do so. Acqua di Parma’s Barbiere Beard Serum is enriched with grape seed oils to detangle and keep you feeling fresh. Le Labo’s offering is similarly scented; this time with bergamot, lavender and tonka bean. Or opt for this dropper from D R Harris, containing citrus, vetiver and black pepper notes for the anti-beard brigade to sniff out.

These beard oils will untangle your grooming routine

Acqua di Parma Barbiere Beard Serum


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For the indecisive, opt for a combination beard and shave oil

Of course, there are those of us who still can’t fully commit to a beard. Whether it’s a style choice, or a problem with patchiness, we like to have the option to shape and shave our beards into neater, nicer looks. Thankfully, many beard oils can double up as shaving oils — helping your grooming routine run smoothly when you reach for the razor, and softening your hair when you grow out your beard.

Take grooming doyen Floris, who has created a power-packed oil with an exceptionally smooth finish — scented with its iconic No. 89 fragrance. Or Murdock, another British brand with a high-glide offering perfect for your bathroom cabinet. And, for any buckthorn and jojoba enthusiasts, there’s always Lab Series’ hydrating 3-in-1 oil.

These beard oils will untangle your grooming routine

Floris No. 89 Shaving & Beard Oil


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murdock beard oil

Murdock London Beard Oil


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