These 5 sustainable travel destinations will save the world

From eco-glamping along the Salkantay trails of Peru, to diving off the Quirimbas Archipelago, these are the getaways you can enjoy without guilt

Sustainability doesn’t tend to be our first thought when it comes to travelling. What factor sunscreen we should pack, whether we need two pairs of flip-flops or one and if we’ve remembered our passport all tend to come first.

But sustainable travel — that seeks to avoid the depletion of natural resources and eco-systems — is a trend well worth your time. So, rather than checking into yet another luxury hotel chain the next time you jet off, why not kick back and give back with one of these sumptuous hideaways instead?

Dive into the Indian Ocean along the Quirimbas Archipelago

In partnership with Ocean Without Borders, &Beyond are offering a six day private tour, designed to showcase the spectacular Indian Ocean while educating you on the conservation efforts being sunk into this particular area of the world.

If you’re an advanced diver, you can dive Neptune’s Arm to see the protected grey reef shark in action — before returning to your private villa on Vamizi Island. In your down time, scuba dive, whale watch or even go on a turtle nesting and hatching excursion.

&Beyond Ocean Without Borders

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Live off the land in Sri Lanka’s ecological haven

In the heart of Sri Lanka, where tens of species have been reintroduced across twenty-eight acres of spectacularly beautiful countryside, Jetwing Vil Uyana is a hotel like no other.

Boasting flowing architectural design, the individual villas sit amongst nature. And the restaurant, which creates its dishes from herbs, fruits and vegetables sourced from the site, is an education in conservation. Not only that, the buildings themselves are created naturally; from compost and local, sustainably-sourced materials.

Jetwing Vil Uyana

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Check in to Mexico’s Green House

Designed by the US-based, award-winning architects Specht, this luxury unique Mexican villa has been created to be as eco-minded and sustainable as possible. Wood-louvers are set in place of windows and bi-directional net metering allows you to charge your phone while still generating solar electricity.

And that’s not even the best thing about Casa Xixim. We’d say that’s the freshly-raked beach every morning, down which you can run to the gently lapping waves.

Casa Xixim

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Witness the wildebeest on the plains of Tanzania

Sometimes, it takes a bit of money to be as sustainable as possible. Enter The Luxury Safari Company, and their Singita Safari. Despite costing a huge £42,000, this donation is used to help with the training of a pair of anti-poaching scouts in the field. It also covers the running costs of the Environmental Education centre for six weeks.

<p class="c-excerpt">Singita Sasakwa Lodge, Grumeti, Serengeti, Tanzania. Agency HKLM. Art Director: Paul Henriques. Stylist/Producer: Janine Fourie. Photographer: Mark Williams. 22/02/12.</p>

Singita Sasakwa Lodge, Grumeti, Serengeti, Tanzania. Agency HKLM. Art Director: Paul Henriques. Stylist/Producer: Janine Fourie. Photographer: Mark Williams. 22/02/12.

It’s also one of the most coveted destinations for a safari — with the wildebeest stampede being one of the most beautiful migratory phenomena the natural world has to offer. It’s almost as beautiful as your lodgings, where no expense is spared…

Singita Safari

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Go eco-clamping along Peru’s Salkantay trail

Passing pristine mountains, glacial lakes and picturesque villages, EcoCamp’s highly curated trip through Peru is one of the best — and most sustainable — ways to experience this fascinating South American country.

You’ll sleep in domes, which come equipped with a king-size bed, filtered water hydromassage shower and a wood-burning stove. All meals are prepared with organic local ingredients and, after you’re fuelled up, strike out to the iconic Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.

Peru EcoCamp

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