There’s more to wedding jewellery than rings alone

From earrings with detachable charms to diamond-set bracelets, here’s how Blackacre’s new ‘Bridal Collection’ will enhance your bride's big day…

Your wedding day, they say, passes by in the blink of an eye. We’re not surprised, what with everything you’re expected to remember. From cummerbunds to cake toppers, button holes to bridesmaids’ bouquets, seating plans to centrepieces, there’s no way your big day won’t descend into a lace-trimmed whirlwind. And that makes forward-planning even more important.

Thankfully, brands like Blackacre exist to ease the nuptial process; to smooth over and sort out any potential problems that might sabotage the happiest day of your life. Founded in 2019 by the passionately artistic Samuel Stirrat, the British jewellery company is known for creating exquisite bespoke engagement rings and custom-made jewellery.

And, if you’re looking to express yourself and design your own engagement ring, Blackacre is the brand to trust. But there’s more to wedding jewellery than rings alone. From necklaces to earrings, a wedding calls for considered, ceremonial gems and jewels — pieces specifically picked to enhance your bride’s big day. And with Blackacre’s new ‘Bridal Collection’, the brand has opulently and absolutely answered your final wedding day worry.

It’s the British brand’s first collection of signature designs; a beautiful, balanced range of jewellery created to augment your bride’s existing outfit. There are South Sea pearls and ‘Paraiba’ stones; gems to bring the shine and sparkle that a straightforward wedding band simply will not. And the experience and expertise of Samuel Stirrat is evident in every piece. The brand may be built on bespoke jewellery, but if you’re not creatively inclined — or if you’re just pushed for time — there are no safer, more skilled hands than Stirrat’s in which to put your trust.

And, with the sustainable credentials of Blackacre, you can rest even easier as your wedding day approaches. The British brand believes that transparency should be a key tenet of the modern luxury industry, and every stone and gem used by them can be traced to its source. But this isn’t the rough-and-ready, hemp-and-hessian face of sustainability. While these perfect pieces of jewellery may use artisanally-mined metals and recycled minerals, each ring, bracelet and necklace is as refined, lavish and luxurious as you could hope for.

So, if you’re looking for that final pre-wedding gift for your bride, we’ve rounded up the finest pieces from Blackacre’s new Bridal Collection. Delicately designed and perfectly placed to get your marriage off to a dazzling start, here’s why you should be giving your bride-to-be more than just a ring on your wedding day…

Begin with a set of exquisite earrings

First up; earrings. Think of these as her equivalent to your cufflinks. Just as you’ll ditch your jacket and loosen your tie as the day goes on, so will your bride unclip her veil and perhaps even change her dress. Earrings, then, offer the same subtle constant as your cufflinks; a pair of elegant accessories that’ll keep an elegant sense of event and occasion in full sparkling swing from the bridesmaids’ breakfast to the reception’s raucous end.

And Blackacre, naturally, have some brilliant options. If your bride-to-be is struggling in the search for her ‘Something Blue’, why not gift her a pair of Paraiba Tourmaline earrings? The Hyacinth (£21,000) design is particularly special; a diamond climber with round and marquise-cut disbands that taper up the ear. Or, for a glint of gold, these 18K Azalea hoops (£3,335) hang a detachable freshwater pearl drop from their diamond-set bands.

Present her with a beautiful necklace

Next, onto necklaces. There’s a certain joy in gifting your fiancée a fine necklace before your big day; as it’s one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery you can give. That means, even when your wedding itself has become a pleasant-but-distant memory, your wife can still wear that oh-so special piece of jewellery you bought her to celebrate the beginning of your marriage.

And that goes double when the pieces are as perfect as these. From Blackacre’s ‘Bridal Collection’, the South Sea Pearl St Lucia Pendant (£3,300) is capable of dazzling through any occasion from dawn until dusk. Alternatively, the Kauai Diamond Pendant (£1,975)comes in two all-round, adaptable styles; white gold and yellow gold. Both 18ct, and each as elegant as the other, these timeless necklaces were devised by Samuel Stirrat to either mark a special occasion or to be worn as an everyday classic. What better pre-wedding gift could there be?

Gift a versatile, stylish bracelet

And then there’s the lighter touch. Like the earrings above, a bracelet will tick off yet another wedding essential (which bride wouldn’t want a diamond-encrusted band for her ‘something new’?). And, like a necklace, your wife will be able to slip on a bracelet for many years to come, for many different occasions. They’re decorative, but not obtrusive; and as sophisticated as they are sensible.

And no bracelet is more iconic than the iconic tennis bracelet. Allegedly, the simple design took its name from athlete Chris Evert, when she dropped her diamond line bracelet on the tennis court in 1978, and Blackacre’s spin on the classic style, the 3ct Tennis Bracelet (£8,775), has been created using wedding day-ready 18K white gold, with claw-set round brilliant-cut diamonds. As ideal for the aisle as it is for the everyday.

And, lastly, the all-important rings

Who could forget? There may be elegant earrings, bracelets and necklaces to enhance your bride’s big day, but the centrepiece of the ceremony will remain the rings. Gladly, Stirrat is an expert on these matters — offering everything from engagement to eternity rings across his rarefied range. But the wedding band is the king of rings; and it pays to do things right.

We’d recommend, for your bride’s wedding band, putting a slight twist on the traditional. While men’s rings are best left unadorned and classically handsome, a style such as the idiosyncratic Reykjavik (£975) is a perfect choice for your wife-to-be. With a delicate ribbon twist and 18K gold construction, it’s a made-to-order masterpiece. Or, for a little more shimmer, why not go for high-shine platinum? Blackacre’s Original Diamond Band (£2,100) is scallop-set 60% around its circumference with dazzling side-cut diamonds.

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