best winter coats

The best winter coats (and what they say about you…)

From the classic peacoat to sweeping patterned options, this is what your new winter wardrobe tells the world about your personality

You might have already noticed but it’s cold outside. Has been for a while now and, yet, through the sleet and storms, several solid months of mizzle and misery are still waiting; poised to get your 2020 off to a bitter, biting start. Of course, your coat is the first line of frosty defence in the fight against the big chill. But, before you button up, we’ve got some truths for you harsher than those winter winds.

You will be judged on your choice of winter coat. And you will be judged hard. It’s the garment used to wrap your entire outfit up — simultaneously an item of practicality and a woolly first impression. So, if you’re in the market for a new coat to see you through to spring, here are our stylish, smart and downright cosy recommendations…

Spend your winter in the navy

Now, before you scoff at the idea of a simple navy coat being a statement piece, hear us out. They may be a style staple, in vogue for decades, but there’s a reason this perennial piece comes out every winter. And that’s exactly what a nice navy coat says about you; that you’re tuned-in, respect style heritage and are comfortable sticking with the status quo — especially when it looks this good.

So, if it’s a peacoat like this from Canali or a smart tailored number such as this offering from PS Paul Smith, you can’t go wrong with a navy winter coat. Of course, you can still put your own spin on the classic — like this A.P.C. option with its minimalist silhouette and suitably deep pockets.

canali pea coat

Canali wool and cashmere peacoat


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paul smith coat

PS Paul Smith wool and cashmere coat


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Finding the perfect coat is a grey area

Grey is a trickier story. You may think it a colour even less inspiring than the navy above, but you’d be surprised how tricky these many shades are to get right. Buy a grey coat this winter, then, and you’ll tell your fellow shivering commuters that you are not only brave in your colour choice, but also keen to suggest that the outfit behind the buttons is just as sartorially-sound.

It’s also one of the most versatile colours. Take this Mr P. coat, for example, as easily-paired with jeans as it would be a suit. Or Salle Privée’s exciting herringbone overcoat, double-breasted and speckled with flecks of virgin wool and alpaca. Of course, grey also gives you the chance to showcase all of its shades; as Thom Browne has proved with this checked piece.

salle privee coat

Salle Privée Alain overcoat


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Throw on a classic camel coat

Another winter, another classic. The camel overcoat has been worn by icons from Ralph Lauren to Ryan Gosling. We at Gentleman’s Journal even featured Tinie Tempah on our cover wearing one of the iconic garments. So, invest in one of these lighter-coloured coats and you’ll tell the world: I know how to take style cues from the greats, and I do my fashion homework.

And there is no better designer to study than Givenchy. The French fashion house has crafted the perfect camel overcoat, cut in a wool and cashmere blend to keep you warm all winter. Alternatively, Sandro has recently released its own take on the single-breasted basic — or mix things up a little with a herringbone offering, such as this from Beams F.

givenchy coat

Givenchy wool-cashmere blend coat


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sandro coat

Sandro wool-blend overcoat


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beams f coat

Beams F herringbone coat


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Go double-or-nothing this winter

The pinnacle of power dressing, the double-breasted coat will widen your silhouette and tell others that you’re not to be messed with. Sweep into the boardroom wearing one of these bold garments and no-one’ll question that you’re the boss.

Saint Laurent’s offering will even add a little formalwear flair — wrapping up your power suit with a serving of extra bombast. Club Monaco’s overcoat is a sturdy option, cut with the softest fabric and made to last a lifetime. Or, if you’re looking to add a casual edge without losing any of the authority of the design, check out Burberry’s military-inspired option.

saint laurent coat

Saint Laurent wool peacoat


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club monaco coat

Club Monaco wool-blend overcoat


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burberry coat

Buberry striped wool peacoat


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Don’t fear the shearling

There are few things as simultaneously comfortable and bold as a shearling coat. If you’re worried that it’s too much of a diversion from your usual look, don’t be. Shrug on one of these furry beauties and you’ll tell anyone who crosses your path that you forge your own fashion, and aren’t afraid to go the extra style mile.

Of course, with investment pieces such as these come hefty price tags. Loro Piana’s plush fabrics and expert craftsmanship and The Row’s elegant shearling don’t come cheap. However, Sandro has swooped in with a more affordable offering, and one that will still keep you warm in blustery weather.

loro piana coat

Loro Piana Wollaston Shearling Coat


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the row coat

The Row Rowan shearling-trimmed overcoat


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sandro coat

Sandro shearling peacoat


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