The best gym classes you can stream from home

Missing the gym? From a virtual boxing workout to a digital yoga class, these are the best sessions you can stream during self-isolation.

Do you remember way back when — in the heady, halcyon, no-lockdown days of November — when Peloton launched its Christmas ad? Featuring a cycling-obsessed woman working out on her husband-gifted exercise bike, it was much-maligned and roundly lampooned — most notably by Gentleman’s Journal cover star and newfound gin baron, Ryan Reynolds. But fast-forward four months, and who’s laughing now?

Gyms have shut up shop, we’re confined to our houses and we can’t even remember the last time we put on a good playlist of motivational remixes and went to town on the elliptical. And, what’s worse, we’re now all the woman from the Peloton ad — plugging ourselves into the muscly matrix and starting at screens for our fitness fix.

But is that so bad? If you take the time to start streaming, you’ll find that there’s a world wide web-ful of helpful, informative content out there. So, from shadow boxing to yoga, these are the best gym classes you should be streaming from your locked-down home. And the best bit? The sofa is right there when it all gets too much…

For circuits in your sitting room: CCTV

If you’re looking to up your fitness credentials during the lockdown, there is no better stream to boot up than the one beaming out of Core Collective. Named CCTV (geddit?), this series of on-demand workouts are taught in real-time by the brand’s trainers, and split into six categories: Sweat, Train, Strength, Pilates, Yoga, Extras.

We’d opt for one of the first three options. You’ll only need a kettlebell or set of dumbbells — Core Collective is aware that we’re not all popping to the shops to furnish our home gyms at the moment — and each workout can be modified to beginner or intermediate levels. Sessions last between 5 and 45 minutes, and the first seven days are free.

For boxers missing the ring: Kobox

London’s most popular boxing studio has stepped up in these trying times. And, although you may not be able to get back into the ring anytime soon, the trainers and professionals at Kobox — including friend of Gentleman’s Journal Toby Huntington-Whiteley — have put their heads together and devised a two-a-day workout regime to keep would-be boxers in shape.

At 10am and 5pm everyday, you can enjoy and sweat through a different session streamed on Instagram Live. From cardio and rhythm rounds to core work and stretch-outs, there’s something for everyone — even if you’re not a natural fighter. And best of all, you don’t need any equipment — similar to…

For those with no equipment: BLOK London

We know, we know. The worst thing about being stuck at home when you’re used to the gym is having to use makeshift equipment around your house. But, before you injure yourself bench-pressing the coffee table, or doing kettlebell deadlifts with your actual kettle, why not check out BLOK London’s innovative, lockdown-friendly workouts?

Broadcasting daily on Instagram Live, there’s everything from cardio to pilates being offered by BLOK — a really rounded offering with results so effective they’d make even Joe Wicks blush. And the best part? The brand has partnered with the hard-pumping Beats by Dre to ensure your motivation never, ever wavers.

For yoga enthusiasts: FLY LDN

Of course, while many of us will be missing the arm-wrenching challenge of the rowing machine and overloading barbells to bending point, there’ll be those among us who just want to relax. And yoga is the perfect option; a midpoint between stretching and strengthening your muscles, and achieving a feeling of perfect zen.

FLY LDN is an expert in this flexible field. Offering immersive yoga and fitness training — live-streamed classes on Instagram include Slow-Flow, Pilates and Chill — you’ll have a core of steel in no time. And, not only that, you’ll be so relaxed you’ll even forget about the lockdown. Covid-what?

For those pushed for time: CIRQ

Even when it’s not confined online, CIRQ keep things quick. The gym’s workouts last just 45 minutes, and range from Cardio Smash and Conditioning to Strength and Explosive Power. In these self-isolating times, it’s much the same — but simply streamed on Instagram Live.

There are four workouts a day, from Monday to Friday, during which you can burpee, bodyweight exercise and body fat burn your way to a new physique. And, with some sessions lasting just 20 minutes, you can get your day’s exercise done before your first conference call and coffee. Easy.

To work out your core: Flex Chelsea

One of the unexpected silver linings of self-isolation has been our many fitness discoveries. We’d never set foot into Flex Chelsea before, but now we’d never miss our Saturday evening sessions; an arduous abs workout with in-house trainer Jason.

It’s the best core workout we’ve ever live-streamed. So, if all of this confinement has got you slinking off to the kitchen cupboards more often than usual, why not join Jason and whip your abs back into shape. Also, if your wanderlust is reaching unbearable levels, Flex also live streams some workouts and sessions direct from Bali. Just close your eyes, work your muscles, and imagine you’re on the beach too…

Want an app to help you workout on your own time? Here are the best…

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